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February Networking Challenge Update

By Classycareergirl @classycareer
February Networking Challenge UpdateAre you still meeting lots of new people in the 2011 networking challenge.  I am. I bet you thought I would have given up by now. But how can I give up when I have all of you waiting to read my recap? I can't fail and either can you!
Here is my recap for February: 
4 People I know:
  1. Old coworker
  2. Old friend who moved away
  3. High school friend
  4. My Aunt
Three of these meetings were over the telephone because they live in other states.  I tend not to stay in touch with people very well when they don't live down the block so this challenge is helping me stay in touch better with friends and family who live far away.
4 People I don't know:
  1. A current full time student getting her Rady MBA
  2. A perspective Rady full time MBA student who reads my blog.  Thanks again P.S. for meeting with me!  So fun to meet a reader and soon to be Rady MBA!
  3. A Consultant at Deloitte
  4. A Training Manager at National University
  5. A HR Executive (who is currently job searching)
Yep, that's right I was an overachiever last month, I met with 9 people!  Now if only I could find some motivation for March...I have no meetings scheduled yet...but stay tuned!
How many people did you meet with?
Photo credit: Voka

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