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February Love List

By Nadine
20 things I'm loving right now:
  1. Running, I love the feel of moving swiftly over the ground.
  2. Spanakopita, I tried a new recipe and it's delish!
  3. Early nights and early mornings.
  4. My daily meditation practices.
  5. Banana grapefruit smoothies.
  6. Seeing my schedule fill up with classes to teach.
  7. Walks in the dark with a good friend.
  8. Watching cooking shows with my mom.
  9. Fig newtons (only the more natural, whole grain, fruit juice sweetened kind).
  10. How my cat has become friends with another cat without ever leaving the house.
  11. A new Janet Evanovich book.
  12. Trying to find the happiness that I don't have to work so hard to attain.
  13. Yogurt with mandarin oranges.
  14. Deva Premal's version of Om Mani Padme Hum
  15. How my hair has now grown so long I have to put it back during class.
  16. Trying to eat more meatless meals.
  17. How accommodating my mom has been since I've been using the car so much.
  18. Walking meditation.
  19. Lots of TV on the PVR for when I want a break.
  20. Lots of cooking and baking.

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