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By Kaidarul @KaiDarul

This is just a quickie since I have an exam tomorrow.

I’ve been featured. FIRST TIME!! asdfhjkl!! I was grinning the whole time. After almost two years of bloggging in here, someone finally noticed my efforts. :D Lol! I am emotional at this. Forgive me.

So anyway, go to this link to view the feature —-> PocketChange Feature

Pocketchange Lifestyle Blog



I was contacted regarding this a few weeks ago. I thought it will not be published at all. Then, here it is. :D

Oh, I was also featured in twice. I uploaded two photos. I did not think that they will approve both.

I had no idea that they approved the first one. Here it is: (click here)

The second one: (click here)

Okaaaay. That’s all.

I am hoping for moooooooore features. Feature me eh? Puhleeeez? hehehe :)

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