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Favourite Honeymoon Destinations

By Thehoneymoonproject @thehoneymoonpro

I’m often asked what my favourite honeymoon destinations are, and as a travel writer it’s pretty hard to narrow it down (just ask my husband how long it takes me to decide on a holiday destination each year). The following are some of my favourite options for honeymoon destinations, based on my own travel experiences and personal preference – of course, where you decide to go really depends on what you want to do and what time of year you’ll be travelling.


Malaysia honeymoons

From tranquil islands with idyllic beaches and secluded beach huts to vibrant, multi-cultural cities, and verdant rainforest teeming with wildlife, Malaysia has enough variety to suit any kind of honeymoon. The profusion of cheap flights makes it particularly easy to get around; one minute you could be sampling the hawker stalls at a night market in Kuala Lumpur, the next be face to face with orang-utans in Sabah or diving off beautiful Tioman Island.

South Africa

South Africa honeymoons

The great thing about South Africa is that it’s one of the most accessible African countries, and is easy to tackle either as part of a pre-arranged package or independently. The typical honeymoon itinerary here usually includes a stay in Kruger National Park to check out the “Big Five” but there’s a quite overwhelming choices of other game reserves to choose from if you want to visit other parts of the country. In addition, expect amazing food and wine, beautiful coastline, friendly people and mind-blowing scenery. And yes, I’m completely biased with this one – South Africa was our honeymoon choice.


Mauritius Honeymoons

If a beach honeymoon is what you’re after then you’re really spoilt for choice with the islands of the Indian Ocean. My personal favourite is Mauritius – it’s got the picture-postcard beaches, gorgeous luxury hotels and good diving and snorkelling, but there’s also an excellent, eclectic cuisine that reflects its diverse population, a lush interior worth exploring, and interesting small towns. You’ll also find a good range of smaller, cheaper hotels and resorts, so it’s not necessarily out of the question if you’re on a tighter budget.

The Pacific Coast Highway: San Francisco to Los Angeles

California honeymoons

One of the USA‘s most iconic drives. Kick off in laid-back San Francisco before heading down the coast (though maybe first swinging up to Sonoma for some wine tasting) towards Los Angeles. Though it is possible to drive the route in a day, plan to take at least a few days to make the most of it, stopping to explore quaint seaside towns and to soak up the many gorgeous vistas, before arriving in idiosyncratic Los Angeles.

The Greek islands

Honeymoons in Greece

Close enough to home that you won’t have to worry about jet-lag, yet far enough away that you’ll step off that plane feeling like you’re miles and miles from normal life, the Greek islands make a fabulous honeymoon choice. Santorini has a reputation for being one of the most romantic of the islands – and with the beautiful views from white-washed Oia, it’s hardly surprising – but with each island offering its own attractions, you’ll find yourself spoilt for chocie. Think hot, lazy days on the beach, leisurely strolls through the villages, and long dinners of freshly caught fish, overlooking the sea.

This article first appeared on the Bow Occasions blog.

Photos courtesy of Xiangxi; Emma Gibbs; One&Only Saint Geran; Stewart; Marcel Germain

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