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Favourite Face Brushes

By Beaumaquillagex @beaumaquillagex
I thought that because I cleaned my brushes last night and have not yet used them this morning that now would be a good time to write this post! I hope you enjoy, I love reading other people's posts on their favorite brushes to give me some inspiration. I have also edited these photos on iPhoto so let me know what you think!
Favourite Face Brushes
Favourite Face BrushesReal Techniques Blush BrushI don't actually use this for blusher, but instead for contouring and it works perfectly with my Too Faced bronzer which I definitely recommend if you're looking for a nice matte bronzer for contouring. It is not super dense, but it is just right for contouring and applying blush. This gives a really flawless and smooth finish to everything you apply with it. I haven't tried this with cream blush though so I am not sure what it would be like for that.
Favourite Face BrushesReal Techniques Stippling BrushI mainly use this with cream products, like cream blush or my Soleil Tan de Chanel and it works great at applying cream products to give a smooth and natural finish. I also use this to apply highlight and concealer although I mostly don't use this with foundation because I find it a bit too small, so it takes ages to blend the product into your skin.
Favourite Face BrushesReal Techniques Angled Foundation BrushI find this so much better than your generic foundation brush, I picked this up along with the other 2 RT brushes mentioned in this post on 3 for 2 at Boots and at first I was a bit skeptical about how different this would be for the price, but like all other RT brushes this is amazing. It is super dense which means that it applies foundation really effortly and flawlessly to the skin without leaving streaks. The angled aspect to it allows you to work round the contours of your face, like you nose, easily.
Favourite Face BrushesEveryday Minerals Duo Fibre Stippling BrushThis brush is fantastic for applying liquid foundation and concealer and makes your foundation/concealer look flawless. It is very easy to blend with and is also dense making it ideal for blending in your foundation. I use this brush every day with my foundation and I really like it. This is also a cute mini size which fits in my makeup bag perfectly.
Favourite Face BrushesElf Powder BrushThis works really well with mousse foundations and also to apply powder. I like to use this after I have applied my foundation to buff all of the product into my skin and this just makes the overall appearance of your foundation smoother and more flawless. This is a great all rounder brush and it is super affordable too!
Favourite Face BrushesEco Tools Bronzing BrushDespite this being a bronzing brush I don't think I have ever used this for bronzer as I always use my RT Blusher brush. I think that this would be great to apply bronzer if you aren't using it for contouring, but I mainly use this to buff my foundation and mostly to apply powder. This gives a flawless finish and doesn't pick too much product up on the brush either, so it doesn't give a cakey finish. This brush is also dense which makes it great for blending and again is a good all rounder.
I am still yet to find some really good eye brushes, if anyone has any recommendations please leave them in the comments!
Thanks for reading
What are your favorite face brushes?

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