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Farm Boy

By Myfilmproject09

My previous blog (actually same one) has made some differences, actually almost the same. It will be cleaner and have a few others that will make me crazy. Also I'll read you better with my stories from my blog which, of course started in 2009. "all the way to today 2009, August 9".

I'll send some of my best work or some of the not great ones, but their all interesting about more of my land whatever keeps giving something about this great thing about writing and directing or anything still in my business.

My story began in a small town in Canada, a farm and I lived there until moving to the big city and even yet bigger city, Detroit, with family by sides.

I remember how my mother would read comic books to me, and I loved them. But the big thing was coming when my mom and dad took me to a movie in the 50's, I was about four. The movie was a Disney family movie and I was amazed. TV never came to my home until the end of the 60's. But it also scared me to hell when the giant screen showed a giant snake. Actually on the big screen of course.

I screemed and was not happy and my mom took me to the projector booth above and I sat there when I started to watch the man up there was winding the film and slowly I began to like the sound and the chatty whim of the projector. Somehow, I really think that's when I began to learn more about movies and how they brought them to me for 12 years, until we left to Ontario in Windsor, a small city based across the river from the biggest city I believed. I had cousins across the river which made it companions. From early. And my city had 5 movies. And it was heaven.

I'll let you know more about how I moved from my prairie friends and my favorite school teach and how I still know her and talk to her still.

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