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Fantasy Shopper Hype

By Littlebird @LittleBird_Blog
I seen on Beauty Comes From Within's (Sophie's) blog about a 'game' sort of thing called Fantasy Shopper. Like Sophie, im deffo not one for Facebook games (fantasy shopper requires a facebook login), or online games etc, i dont even play games on my iPhone unless i am bored out of my little head! But i have soon become addicted to Fantasy Shopper!
Fantasy Shopper is a site that allows you to buy clothes with 'fantasy' or fake money and create outfits from this season's clothes. By completing certain goals, and collecting you payday every hour, you get given more money to spend on all the clothes you ever want, without feeling that guilt and sorrow for your bank balance!
At the moment i have 11 badges! And each badge you get you get given more of that fake money to spend at all the fake checkouts of popular clothing stores like New Look, Republic, BANK, USC and lots lots more. And its not all for the girls, guys can play too, they have Men's sections in allot of the stores and they also have Topman available ;)
Fantasy Shopper Hype
To check it out and join, by a simple facebook login and it dont post anything on your walls, which i was worried about becuase then people will think im back using Facebook when im not haha, and it also helps me by clicking this link...
If you follow i will follow back to help you out :)
You can also check out my profile if you already have a Fantasy Shopper profile and follow me for a follow back :)

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