Fancy a Frozen Cocktail?

Posted on the 19 June 2014 by Clo Hutch @lashesoflife

This weekend I ruined Alex’s surprise…well he didn’t try to hide it that hard is what I think.

I opened my freezer on Friday evening to find these:


Alex had bought us Parrot Bay frozen cocktails for Saturday evening following my half marathon as a celebratory drink. How sweet! He sure does well!

We got home Saturday with our takeaway and took them out the freezer. The packaging says to run under hot water for a few minutes. Alex had had these before and said they are a bit tricky to judge, so if running under hot water take care and also judge carefully, you don’t want it too runny!

As we had drinks with our takeaway anyway, we left the Parrot Bay cocktails out on the side to defrost slightly themselves. After 5ish mins I cut the tops and squeezed out into two glasses.

Parrot Bay in glasses

Alex had the berry daiquiri and I had pina colada.

They were both slushy, the perfect consistency for frozen cocktails. They were both pretty strong - I thought mine might have tasted strong as I hadn’t drank in a while, but Alex said his was a little too. They were so tasty, thirst quenching and refreshing! And even when you got to the last bit the flavor didn’t go from the ice!

They have three flavours, the two we had and a citrus daiquiri which sounds enticing!

With summer hopefully on its way – we do keep get little flashes of summer weather before it goes away again – I hope we have plenty of time to indulge in these a lot more, perhaps with a BBQ. yummmmm!

Parrot Bay Cocktails get a big thumbs up from me!

Fancy a Frozen Cocktail?

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