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Fall Means Jeans

By Laurawh77 @travladventurer
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Even though we've had a heat wave here in Toronto, last weekend I swapped out some of my more summer worthy dresses for some new & old fall clothes. Something I've been dreading has been putting on pants once again - I've become a monogamous dress lover all summer and this breakup is simply awful ;) We're gonna stay friends though, they'll show up now and again I'm sure....(lol) There are only so many pairs of tights you can wear before it's just too darn cold and you need pants. So, in an effort to not hate wearing pants, I went out on a search for some unique and  by golly colourful pants! I got this fantastic pair which almost look like they change color in the light when you walk around in them. A clear winner for the electic tastes of the Laura wardrobe.
Pants do mean awesome boots though and I've been dying to wear this thrifted pair of combat boots all summer. They always felt wrong in the heat and the sun so, come these cloudy days, a small part of me gets excited to put on my rain jacket and run around in my bright red jeans and super badass combat boots. Although it didn't rain - or was even the least bit cloudty for that matter - Saturday I work up early, doned my boots and jeans, grabbed a few grocery bags and headed out to the Cabbagetown Festival early morning community garage sale.
Long time readers might remember this event from last year (hey, that means it's past our blog anniversary....I'll have to do something for that sometime soon...) and this year was even more exciting! I didn't end up getting any clothes but within the first 3 minutes of being there I found an antique letterpress drawer for $3! I snagged that up quick and found the rest of the day to be just as rewarding. I found a ton of vintage broaches - one of which I'm wearing in the photos, it's an awesomely huge owl pin and I love it! I'm finding that broaches are my new favourite accessory. They're a great item to have in your purse to throw on to jazz up a jacket, coat or even to synch a baggy shirt or skirt. Plus, they're so easy to find at thrift stores and from garage sales and you can get the most outrageous designs!
Gorgeous Victorian Houaes around Cabbagetown and buyer scavaging the tables for hidden treasures
I also got some fantastic vintage tin signs from 1887. They're agriculturally themed so they look perfect in my kitchen. Lastly, I got this incredbile vintage wooden mini carousel horse. I roughed it up a bit since it was a little too good looking but I love it. I had a long conversation with the women who was selling it too, she shared my love of antique carousels and aquired the horse from when she used worked at a carnival at carousel herself. I love stories that accompany wonderful decor....makes your home sing of stories.
My haul from cabbagetown's giant garage sale!IMG_0392IMG_0391
All in all it was a wonderland day out. A bit lonely but I still had a great time finding little treasures to fill my home. I had a very busy weekend after the Cabbagetown festival including the Vegeterian Food Festival, more fun at the farmer's market, brunch in the park and a wonderful day at Toronto's very own community beer garden. But more on that later! It looks like its going to rain today....I can't wait to throw on my boots and jump around in puddles!
IMG_0400IMG_0409This is another reason Cabbagetown is amazing. Just look how beautiful even their doors are. Magical....

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