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Fail To Plan, Plan To Fail

By Sarahohm @sarahohm
Good evening Beautiful,It’s Sunday night… one, seemingly short sleep away from Monday morning, the furthest possible point in time from the weekend. That kind of sucks now that I think about it. The key is to be extremely busy all week so it just flies by. Before I get into the details of my “busy” week, I’m sure you’re dying to know about my weekend!Well, remember how C and I were planning on going out on Friday night? Well we did. We ended up going to Grace O’Malleys! At first I didn’t know what to think of it. It gave me the feeling of a college student bar. Really, I remember having that 1 bar in London (where I went to college) where all the college students would go, and that’s just how it was. All of the people at Gracies looked the age of college students, they were drunk like college students and were dressed like college students. It probably didn’t help that it was the night after a Jay’s game, but still, I had higher expectations for this place.We didn’t plan on meeting anyone there, but we ran into a guy that C works with and his buddies, so we sat with them. C started talking to his co-worker about the fact that he saw some hockey player at the bar and that he was shorter than he thought he’d be. I thought it was cool, but to be honest, I probably wouldn’t know any hockey player to see them, I’m not really a huge fan of hockey, anyways…. We were sitting at our table just chatting to each other and C was all of a sudden talking and introducing himself to a guy that was walking past the table, and said “Tyler – this girl would LOVE a picture with you, is that cool?”. It was Tyler Seguin from the Boston Bruins, he was drafted second to Taylor Hall (whatever year that was) so he is kind of a big deal.  I stood up, and I was wearing my bright red H&M wedges, and Tyler looked up and said “holy shit! You’re tall!”. I couldn’t do anything but agree, and so I bent down a bit when we got the picture taken to make him feel more manly.Fail To Plan, Plan To FailIt was definitely cool meeting him, someone famous I can say I’ve met! Saturday morning came much too quickly after a night of drinking as it always does. I don’t know why I always decide going out before having to wake up early is a good thing. Well, I do know why I justify it. I hate missing out on things. I always want to be involved, or go out and do something, and hey – I wouldn’t have met Tyler if I didn’t go out, right? Anyways, we got to bed around 3am and had to be up at 8:30 to get ready to go back to Wingham for my family reunion. I was a bit groggy when I woke up, but it’s nothing a massive bottle of water and a coffee couldn’t fix. We got to Wingham around 1 (we were supposed to be there before 12:30, whoops…) with Popeyes chicken in hand. Nobody in Wingham has ever had Popeyes before because there are no Popeyes remotely close to Wingham (that’s probably a lie, I’m sure someone in Wingham had tried Popeyes before Saturday) so we were excited to bring them a taste of the “Louisiana goodness” that is the fried chicken.We didn’t even have time to take off our shoes before we had to head out to the hall that the reunion was at. It was great to see every one, we were one of the last people there so we said hello and made our rounds and it was time for family photos. I have somewhat of a large family, and so I wanted to show you them. This is only my father’s side of the family keep in mind. C was taking this picture, that’s why he’s not in the picture).Fail To Plan, Plan To FailIt took us about 10 minutes to get a good shot, my family’s a bit scattered sometimes… it’s great! So I mentioned it was also my Grandpa’s 85th birthday party so his 94 year old sister made the big trip to Wingham (her son drove her!) to see her baby brother on his 85th birthday, aren’t they the cutest thing’s you’ve ever seen? It just melts my heart…Fail To Plan, Plan To FailThat is my Aunt Velma. Unfortunately she has lost her eye sight and they’re both very frail, but look at the love! Holding hands, they’re so cute, I just had to get in on the photo action…Fail To Plan, Plan To FailWe left WIngham around 5:30 to come back to Toronto. I most definitely could have slept the entire drive home if it wasn’t for C betting that I’d get home and pass out therefore not being able/wanting to go out last night. I remember writing how I was going to try so hard to sit to my nutrition, but when push came to shove, I did not. I didn’t eat bread, and dinner was a fairly good meal (meatballs, chicken, salad) but then, of course, came out the birthday cake. I know I’m probably the worst for making excuses, but this one was genuine. It was my grandfather’s 85th birthday cake! Of course I had to salute him by eating a piece. It was a small piece, I promise. Who am I kidding? It’s probably hanging out in and around my thighs now….Today I woke up feeling like I 100% productive since I had done pretty much nothing but drink and eat all weekend (I really need to learn how to control myself on weekends…. Note to self). I did 4 loads of laundry in the morning, and got a workout in in the early afternoon. I wasn’t feeling exceptionally inspired to work out today, and I knew I couldn’t convince myself to get in the car and drive to the gym, so I decided to take the elevator down 13 floors and use the amenities that we pay monthly for and workout at my condo gym. I convinced myself that I’d do a really quick workout, because doing something is better than doing nothing. So it went like this (to my dear Aunt Janis... this is the part that you skip over, it's workout related :P):3 sets of:
Chest press with 20lbs dumbbells, 12 reps
Lat pulldown machine, 50lbs, 12 reps
20 deep squats (the kind we did at Crossfit the one time I went…. I need to go back)
3 sets of:
1 arm row, 25lbs dumbbell, 12 reps
Pec Fly, 10lbs dumbbells, 12 reps
20 deep squats3 sets of:
Upright row, 50lbs cable machine, 10 reps
Row that works my posterior deltoid that I explained in my last post, 50lbs cable machine, 10 reps
20 deep squats3 sets of:
Bicep curl, 50lbs cable machine, 10 reps (I could have done more weight)
Tricep pressdown, 50lbs cable machine, 10 reps (could have done more)
20 deep squatsThe end. I hate changing up gyms because what you can lift in weight on one type of machine is a lot different on another type of machine which is annoying. The good part about working out in my condo gym is that I spent half of my workout in there alone. I adjusted the television to HGTV and watched House Hunters International while doing my 80 squats, it was pretty cool. C and I then decided to go see The Avengers in 3D this afternoon. After my workout I felt really good, and I knew that I wanted to eat theater popcorn so badly, but I 100% shouldn’t, so I decided I’d pack my own healthy snacks to take to the movies. If I didn’t, there was no way I was going to order something “healthy” at the theatre… do they even have a “healthy” theater option? You know what they say, “fail to plan, plan to fail!” so I got my butt into the kitchen and put some cherry tomatoes, turkey slices and chicken breast into a Tupperware container and put them in my purse. As soon as I got into the theatre, all I could smell was that amazing popcorn smell and my mouth instantly started to water. I decided to wait in line for the tickets while C got whatever he was getting from the snack counter so I would have to spend as little time possible looking at all the sweet sugar/corn goodness. C got chicken tenders, and while we were waiting for them, I saw someone else order chicken nuggets. I wanted them so badly, I don’t even know how to explain how badly I wanted them. They were so small, they looked like popcorn chicken and you literally got probably a cup and a half of them. Thank god for C, he said “you have healthy snacks Sarah – don’t buy them!” so I walked away quickly and put them out of my mind. Phew – close one. This one instance made me think about planning for success in general. I’m fairly dedicated to my fitness, and I eat better than the average population most of the time, but what I lack in is planning for success in situations where I know I’m going to be tempted to eat bad things. I knew at my family reunion I was going to be around a ton of “bad foods”, we were bringing Popeyes, another person I knew was bringing KFC, there’s always a ton of cheese and sweets, and meat (luckily). I didn’t plan to bring anything that I knew was 100% safe for me like I did in April for Easter, and I didn’t succeed. Same for my weekends. I never plan them out very well, I eat out a ton and drink more than need be… going forward this is going to be something I consciously work on. Hold me to it!! No drinking through the week, and I need to eat better on weekends. Now that I’ve addressed it, I think it will help me….. I’ll right about it for sure because I know when I have to share something publicly like this, I don’t want to be embarrassed with the end result.The movie was great by the way, I would highly recommend it! After the movie we did groceries. I’m glad I ate because I hate grocery shopping on an empty stomach. We got some fresh salmon for dinner tonight and had that with fresh plantain, peas and I had sweet potato and C had rice. Overall it was an amazing weekend. I got to see some great family, a great movie and I did get in the one workout I vowed to do. Tomorrow I think I’m going to attempt the Angie workout… 100 push-ups, 100 pull-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats as fast as you can. If my time is totally pathetic, I’ll let you know how it goes! Sleep tight!Stay sweet.

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