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Facebook Timeline for Pages

Posted on the 30 March 2012 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting


The Facebook Timeline Page day March 30, 2012 has arrived. Here is what you need to know.

Facebook Page Timeline details:

  1. No custom landing tab, it is no longer available – the Timeline photo is better real estate so use it to your advantage

  2. Timeline photo specs are 851 x 351 px Facebook includes 1 pixel transparent gray border on left and right edges and 1 pixel gray width border that Facebook overlays on the bottom of the page and 1 pixel of height that becomes hidden under the Facebook header bar.

Important tips:

  • if you upload and image smaller than 851 x 315, it will be stretched to fit. The best option is upload an image that’s sized to Facebook’s dimensions.

  • Screenshot measurements reveal that only 314 pixels are displayed from a 315 pixel image upload the top edge is covered by the Facebook header bar. Tests of a 314 pixel upload become distorted so it’s best to upload a 315 pixel tall image even though on the bottom 314 are displayed


Facebook Pages Terms state you cannot include contact information, calls to action, discounts, or price information on the main Timeline image – be aware and be subject to suspension if any violation is found



Businesses can include other attention grabbing methods such as a company tagline or short phrase that explains what your company does

Impactful phrases that describe your brand

Image copyrights, names of people in the photo to establish branding
Use this large area wisely and to your advantage


  1. The company logo or main contact persons photo should be included in your profile icon whose square specs should be considered for the images you upload, the photo must be at least 180 x 180 px

  2. Tabs are replaced by applications, photo is always first, likes second and they cannot be moved. Four tabs are always displayed, apps are accessible from a drop down arrow next to the right most app

  3. Use the remaining 2 application slots on the main page for your key applications, your store, Q&A or a custom tab with endless possibilities

  4. You can add additional custom application tabs up to 12 and modify the custom thumbnail images whose image specs are 111 x 74px

  5. Feature posts that are important or increase engagement by clicking the small arrow in the top right corner and pin it for up to 7 days, rotate featured posts with pins to increase engagement

  6. Photos can be repositioned, hover and click the edit pencil then click reposition photo to drag it where you want it and hit save

  7. Messages! Yes Pages now feature messaging.  Page admins cannot initiate messages but you can only communicate via Messages when someone contacts you first.  Contact me there any time!

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