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Facebook Page Size and Information

Posted on the 07 June 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Facebook is the 800 pound gorilla and Facebook pages are the elephants in social media networking for business and organizations.
Since I often look these details up regarding Facebook page sizes it’s time for a blog post on that exact topic and related information.
All of the data was for this post was compiled in early June 2011. My information and data summarize the new Facebook pages rolled out in March 2011. Be careful out there on the big www because much of the information is outdated. Seek an original source for the latest and greatest data or better yet, ask a scary smart social media manager because we should know.
Profile picture size: The profile picture size for Pages is 180px wide x 540px high. I recommend using every inch of real estate allocated for the profile picture.
Thumbnail picture size : The thumbnail picture size displayed next to posts is 90px wide x 90px high.
Image file size: The file size needs to be smaller than 4MB
Facebook status character length is maximum 420. Comment length is unlimited.
Facebook Ads; title is 25, body is 135 characters.
Facebook Ad file image size is 5MB, the photo will crop to a 80 x 110 px rectangle that you set after upload
Video size maximum is 1024MB and length is up to 20 minutes
Facebook custom tab dimensions are 520 px across horizontally and unlimited vertically
It’s important to monitor your photos, since they randomly display anyone tagging your page in a photo may appear at in the photo strip at the top of your page.
The more I researched this information the more I realized that there were few places where the above items were on the same page. While administrating pages I can now simply refer back to my blog ~ woot!
Interacting, commenting and posting relevant content is what’s next, welcome to the jungle, anyone got a banana? (*wink to the gorilla reference).

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