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F Shape, Leads and a Relationship

Posted on the 09 June 2011 by Maria Snyder @MariaConsulting

Websites are your electronic shingle. I say mine is worldwide, isn’t yours? When people visit your site what do they see. I read an article recently and it focused on the way people read websites. People tend to read in an F shape. Our eyes go across the top of the page to form the top part of the F. Next we scan down along the left and then scan across to form the next horizontal line of the F. Finally we tend to gaze across the center of the page.  Knowing this, should strive to make your site user friendly, the F shape is powerful.
Are the important items on your page above the fold and does the F shape fit on your site? Does the content draw people in? These are items to keep in mind as you develop and work on your site.
Inbound marketing takes advantage of the F shape, you drew someone to your site. Site content is your glue. The visitor followed your invitation. My goal is to keep my visitor on my site long enough to make a ($$) sale.  The F shape can become it’s own lead.

Content creation within your site is important. Companies that blog generate 55 percent more visitor traffic. Companies that blog get 79 percent more Twitter followers. I see a spike in my traffic when I blog, it’s fed automatically to my twitter stream and to my Facebook Page. Leads are garnered by quality, consistency and calls to action. Make your blog do just that.

My call to actions are in my blog, sometimes they’re a direct request, often I can be subtle. My goal in blogging often is to put content out there for informational purposes, and to make the sale. Honestly I’m selling my service, let us be blunt.
For me, I’m a social creature, on and off line. I just love people, I was raised by social parents who owned and operated a bar. My bar-tending jobs were the most fulfilling, I got to know so many customers! Many of my social contacts are acquaintances,  many are my true friends, some are just business. Each one is important, if you message me, I respond to you no matter who you are. The relationship via the social media connection exists. Build yours, use respect, be honest and be yourself. Those relationships, friend or business will last.

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