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'Eyeless in Gaza'

By Davidduff

With apologies to the late Aldous Huxley, the title of whose novel I have appropriated.  I have been meaning to write something concerning the current war in Gaza but even an old windbag like me hesitates to write on a subject about which I know virtually nothing.  But, and this is the joy of this 'internet-thingie', today infomation is available with a few clicks of the 'mouse'.  Thus, I was very interested to read an article by Michael Carl Haas at The National Interest which both confirmed my growing suspicion that the Israelis were floundering somewhat and also offered some reasons why.

Over the past fifty years we have grown used to daring military exploits by Israel which seem to have scotched the plans of their numerous enemies before they had time to hatch.  I assumed that something similar would occur in this latest operation against Hamas in Gaza but I can't help noticing that after weeks of high, and low, technology attacks - the Hamas rockets keep firing!  Mr. Haas offers his explanation and it is worth reading, not just for supporters of Israel, like me, who wish them well, but also for those interested in 21st century warfare where amazingly high technology weapon systems come up against very low technology humans - and the humans seem to win!


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