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Eyeglasses for “back to School”

Posted on the 17 September 2014 by Opticalh @OpticalH


With “back to school” is coming the renovation for school supplies, uniforms, footwear…A period where we usually forget one of the most important factor for education of our children many times: visual health. Inasmuch as, the lack of glasses brings as a direct consequence of school failure.

Reading is a learning process which is started with preschool (3 to 5 years) and, in general terms, goes on along the life of each person. During this previous moment, the kid starts to use his visual system for transporting to brain all information to explain later.


That’s why, from Optical H, we reiterate that the first thing in this learning period is having a good and correct sight. Because during “back to school“, children need to enjoy a clear eyesight; this requirement can decide success or failure school.

According to data from General Board College of Opticians, “30% of schoolchildren suffer visual problems which can lead to learning disabilities. Moreover, binocular problems, as strabismus, can give rise to eyestrain, malaise and affect to reading considerably.

In our online store we count on a great variety of children’s eyeglasses with many kinds and shapes in frames, as well as different glasses styles. Besides, the frame material is made of plastic; point in favour to decide what sort of component will resist “play tag”.

In Optical H we have got the most guarantee brands in optical market: Adolfo Domínguez, with its unique quality in every frame; Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, with all colours for kids; Victorio & Lucchino, with its peculiar designs in the sector; among others.

AGATHA 62284 562 45 16
V&L 71164 555 45 17

In addittion, in our online shop you can introduce the values in each lens and buy the eyeglasses for children directly. A process that in Optical H we speed up for satisfaction and comfort for our customers. Take advantage of our discounts in kids eyeglasses and get his/her favourite ones!

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