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Eye of Horus - Natural Mascara

By Melmeko @melmeko

Howdy once again guys  :-h  I’m still with you and this time I am sharing my experience with a mascara that has quickly become a firm favorite of mine and to be honest, I’ve never used a mascara that even comes close to being as perfect as this one.  :-O   So, believe me when I tell you that you will want to read on and find out why!  ;;) This product was sent to me by Darren at The Facial Company, to try out and review.
Eye of Horus - Natural Mascara
Eye of Horus - Natural MascaraEye of Horus is a natural eye makeup brand that has non-irritating, Paraben and Cruelty Free eye makeup for those with even the most sensitive eyes.  It’s an Australia bases brand who is committed in Awakening the Goddess in EVERY women.  (*)  The Natural Mascara is formulated in the style of ancient Egyptians, featuring plant based ingredients, natural waxes and oils to enhance the natural beauty of your lashes. 
The mascara is presented in a classy black box with gold print and the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus symbol, based on the famous sky god, which is adorned throughout the entire product range.  The inner tube is sturdy and screams high quality, boasting the same exotic-looking color scheme as the outer packaging.  Attached to the screw-off lid is the wand, a large, flexible brush with firm, plastic bristles that separate and define my lashes to perfection.  \:D/  The formula is thick and completely covers every single lash from root to tip with just one coat.  It’s well pigmented and produces the blackest black colour, while providing a natural clump-free finish that looks soft and natural and lasts, without fail, all day long.  Despite it not being ‘waterproof’ as such, I’ve never noticed any flaking, running or fading, so no need to fear the dreaded panda-eyes, because it seriously doesn’t budge, no matter what, stays on all day until it’s physically removed.  #:-S   I admit it can be a bit stubborn to get off,  :-S   but I’ve found that because it’s an oil based formula, a cleansing oil is the best way to get it off.  I prefer using my jojoba oil (takes off eye makeup like a rubber erases pencil) but any cleansing oil would do the trick.  :D
Eye of Horus - Natural Mascara

Eye of Horus - Natural MascaraI use this particular mascara every day and after having tried it, I can’t imagine using anything else. It makes my lashes appear instantly longer, curlier and more voluptuous.  <:-P   If I want to plump my eyelashes up to another level, it’s easy to amp it up for a more dramatic night time effect, simply by adding additional layers, but you need to make sure each layer is dried before attempting the next.  I love how this mascara doesn’t only look fantastic; it’s actually fantastic for my lashes too.  :x   It helps with lash growth, whilst conditioning and strengthening the lash structure, meaning it’s basically a treatment mascara that cares for your lashes.  How good is that!  =D>  I have tried so many mascara’s over the years but this one is without a doubt, my holy grail.  Yep, you heard it here first, the Natural Mascara from Eye of Horus is the BEST of the BEST, and so you can forget the rest!  ;)  Seriously though, if you want a decent mascara that lives up to its claims of achieving flutter worthy lashes and would rather avoid all those nasty chemical versions, then this is absolutely the mascara for you!  I would recommend it to anyone and everyone. (Even shout about it from the rooftops if I could, hehe  ;))  )   You really must try it out! 

Eye of Horus - Natural Mascara
Company Tip -  *-:)  Prime your mascara!The waxed based product can sometimes settle at the base of the container. If it appears dry move wand in and out slowly 3 times while still inside container, so no air gets to wand, and then bring up inside of container slowly, while twirling it around the barrel of the container. This will “prime” it.
What do you think peeps?  :-?  Does this sound like something you would be interested in?  I can’t rate it highly enough, this mascara rocks a zillion times over.  Have you heard of this brand or tried any of their products yet?  :-/  Please share your thoughts.  :)

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