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Exploring Summers with ELLE in Hand, This June...

By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles

The aquatic summer charm via ELLE Canada
Just received my June issue of ELLE Canada and am so glad to see the whole magazine just sprinkled with aquatic mermaid dust (:P). Yup, that’s what I am calling it. From articles based around the theme-to- designer collections celebrating the magical underwater world, to- personal notes at the end of each article stating the favorite water memories of each person, it’s a mesmerizing journey to read through ELLE this month. I particularly love pg30, ‘In the swim of things’, where Noreen Flanagan describes her personal attachment to all things water. Also the little scattered pictures across the issue pin-point the same theme again, making it like a jumbo collage or moodboard for oceanic theme. Loving the mermaid looks from the runways, especially the purple hair from Narciso Rodriguez and the mesmerizing undersea world from Karl Lagerfeld.
Okay, before I carry on with my love struck syndrome, something you all should know, I am a water creature myself. I was scared of learning to swim up until I was 25, but finally when I did, I could not be kept away. Even now, I jump into the pool at first chance, I can spend hours swimming (not a very good swimmer but better than most) and early this year when I got to vacation at the beautiful islands of Seychelles, my heart fell in love with the coral, the colors, the fish and everything else while I snorkeled in the middle of the sea/ocean? (confused).
Back to the mag… every time I go through a magazine, I make a personal shopping/ things I like/ things to buy sort of list, so here’s my pick from Elle:
1. The new COLOUR RICHE no.570 ‘Stroke of Midnight’ – I have to try this one, it looks so different, rich in texture!
2. The next perfume I buy has to be CHANCE by CHANEL, it is summer already and I do kind of need a new floral mist around me. Hmm…
3. Slightly off the topic, let me give you a ‘thing I need someone to buy me ASAP’ – The Chanel pearl-tip clips with the logo on top! Yeah way out of my budget, but see it looks like it belongs in my hair… *drooling over it still*pg30
4. Jewelry from the Mexican designer Sarah Beltran – Again, need one of you to gift those to me, but her Fossil shell and Tanzanite necklace is constantly haunting me in my dreams ( :P ) pg41
5. Another ‘very FUNK-very ME’ thing is the Palm Springs Inspired collection by Tina Turk. pg42

Also loving so much more, like the tribal trend explored, the pastels, the whole pin up girl inspired photo shoot needs another post/ another day to be talked about, but in the meantime go read it yourself. Enjoy the summer sun sipping some chilled mint tea and having a good time with Elle, I know I will.xx
P.S. If you are as crazy as me, you are already applying black/charcoal liner, making a cat eye and taking out psychedelic florals from some interiors of your closet and trying to get the whole pin up look or just trying to mix n match your florals and colors to get the retro look. Pg161-191
Here’s some pics from ELLE to prove my excitement…exploring summers with ELLE in hand, this June...
exploring summers with ELLE in hand, this June...
exploring summers with ELLE in hand, this June...
Photos via ELLE Canada edition JUNE2012

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