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New Year Resolutions & My First Challenge

By Tinacolada @StyleScribbles
...welcome back to the blog!

Hey everyone, I hope your Holidays were spent safe and warm with family friends and loved ones. Now that the new year is upon us, once again making new year's resolutions is at top priority in everyone's to-do list.
Not that I haven't ever fallen into the trap of excitement with my long list of resolutions only to drop them off conveniently as I go through the daily struggles of life, more so often during the first month itself, but still here's a little research (read: Google'd info)-
Top ten New Year's Resolutions according to Google came to-
1 Lose Weight 2 Getting Organized 3 Spend Less, Save More 4 Enjoy Life to the Fullest 5 Staying Fit and Healthy 6 Learn Something Exciting 7 Quit Smoking 8 Help Others in Their Dreams 9 Fall in Love 10 Spend More Time with Family
And the most commonly broken New Year's Resolution?
You guessed it! - "Lose Weight & Stay Healthy" (again Google said so, or the various articles found online)
But I am pretty sure the most common and mostly broken resolution does revolve around diets/ fitness & gym etc...
Talk about body shaming/ body insecurity, we put ourselves through so much tension and stress about our bodies that most of the weight gain/ unhealthy habits crop up from this very cause.
So, this year I decided to make no such resolutions instead take each month at a time and have therefore planned to divide it further into each week and tackle it one at a time. 
To begin with, I am not following any DIETS!! there you go...
Instead I opted to take the 4 week challenge that was posted by someone on facebook. Its super simple, in lay man's terms its NO JUNK FOOD challenge. So you are not on a diet, you just have to avoid any/ all junk food like ice creams, soda, white bread, fast food, cookies, chips, etc.
Today was the first day and I have to admit, I didn't realize my cravings for cookies with my morning coffee were so strong that I would be grumpy the whole day, but I did it, the day's over, I actually feel fantastic because I stuck to it and as an added bonus also put in an hour and half of workout at the gym. That makes the start of the week a success. And the bonus in all this is that I am actually not on a diet, just a challenge (somehow makes it easier) knowing that I am only suppose to ban bad foods from my ingredient list and no limitations to all the healthy home cooked meals I can have. 
Hoping to take it one week at a time and aiming at staying on point each day, let's see how it goes. I will keep posting a weekly status on my progress but in the mean time, feel free to share your thoughts, resolutions or comments if you are doing something different this New Year's too..
I am planning to pick a new challenge each month this year to make it easier to stick to all the positives in life. Message me or google (as I always find helpful) this 4 week No junk food challenge if you want to try it too?
You will miss soda and chips and maybe ice cream/ cookies for the initial few days but hopefully the rewards will substantially outweigh the cravings :) 

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