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Exercise Spotlight – The Pushup

By Gjosefsberg @gjosefsberg

I’m a HUGE fan of the push up.  It’s one of those exercises that works your entire body, can be done almost anywhere, requires no equipment and works several major muscle group.  Do them quickly and you have a good component of a cardio routine.  Do them slowly and you have a great improvised resistance workout.

I actually incorporate pushups into my chest workout, usually doing them between sets of other exercises.  I also do them as part of an abbreviated exercise program if I’m somewhere without access to a gym, like a hotel on vacation.  I even do a few pushups at work, in a conference room so I don’t need to explain my behavior to anyone, when I need a break from sitting in front of the computer.

Now the key to push ups, as with most exercises, is form.  Badly done, pushups can injure.  Properly done, they’re a great way to work out your lower back, abs, chest, shoulders and arms.  Which why I was ecstatic to see that someone has put together a great video showing exactly how to do a good push up.

Notice his emphasis on keeping a straight back and good stance for both arms and legs. This is the key to a good push and it matters a lot more than any gadget the infomercials try to sell you. You don’t need hand stands or one handed push ups or even one leg on top of the other. Just follow the excellent form shown in this video and enjoy this great exercise.

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