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Everyone Needs A Cocktail | Laughing Glass Cocktails

By Heather Hahn @HeatherHahnn

Every girl knows, or at maybe ‘everyone‘ knows that we all need a cocktail from time to time.

Whether you’re out grabbing a cocktail with a few best friends, or you’re up to making your very own cocktail, nothing says ‘heaven in a glass‘, other than a pre-made cocktail already made and ready to drink.

We obviously all need this when watching Monday night episodes of “The Bachelor”. From the genius of three Northern California women, comes Laughing Glass Cocktails.


This ready-to-serve margarita came about, through all natural ingredients required of a fine cocktail.


The co-founders of Laughing Glass Cocktails, Sydney Rainin Smith, Jill Korst, and Carey Clahan carefully concocted the mixture while being extra careful to keep artificial sweeteners, additives, and colors out of the blend.

I don’t know about you, but I am all about a pre-made cocktail, especially when it comes to just coming home and wanting to relax right after work.


Artisan tequila and organic agave nectar are just a couple of the all natural ingredients that have made Laughing Glass the first of it’s kind. Making it more attractive is its low calorie content which doesn’t forfeit quality or taste.

It is no surprise that Laughing Glass Cocktails has been attracting attention and making it suitable for backyard get togethers and high profile events.


Everyone Needs A Cocktail | Laughing Glass Cocktails

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