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Everyday Spring Makeup Look

By Allaboutjyl

Hellos! I’m sick and have a super SORE-Throat! =( I am having a hard time swallowing, so that means I can’t eat or drink at all! =’(  I was happy, because I can 趁機減肥 (treat it as diet) but more sad because I can’t  even talk as it hurts so bad even by just talking!!!! >_< I am also not feeling well, feels tired and cold!!! I was shivering all day at the office, but good thing I try my BEST to overcome those “illness” and manage to survive until the end of the day =) Everyday Spring Makeup Look Enough the daily life rants, onto the main topic of this post which is my spring make-up! ^_~ I did a spring inspired look consisting of Green and Brown and made it wearable almost everywhere at anytime  Everyday Spring Makeup Look I only used the 4u2 Glitz Duo on this look and as for Face I just used the Avon Skingoodness BBcream which I forgot to set with powder hence the oiliness of face! =( Everyday Spring Makeup Look That’s it for my super sheer Everyday Spring Makeup Look ^_~ Everyday Spring Makeup Look Hope I get to recover soon just so I can talk to you guys more =)

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