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By Mallynista22 @mallynista22
So I Was Brushing My Teeth This MorningAnd It Hit Me That I Haven't Done A PostOn What Shampoo I Use.Don't Ask Why I Am Now, I Have No Idea!!I Usually Buy The Biggest Bottle Of Herbal EssencesIgnite My Colour Shampoo[ The Pink One With Moroccan Rose Extract ]It's What I've Used Since I Used To DyeMy Hair Black When I Was 18.From Personal Experience, It Made My Colour Last LongerAnd Gave It A Bit Of A Dark Red Tinge To The Dye.So My Hair Was A Lovely Black-Brown/RedWhen It Was Growing Out.It's Still What I Usually Go ForAnd I Love The Smell Of Roses, So Works Both Ways For Me!Am Considering Dyeing My Hair Black Again [ XXL Live ]But At The Same Time, May Go For Some Blonde Highlights.It Will Take Me Forever To Make My Mind UpAs Once It's Dyed Black It Takes 2 Years To Grow Back OutTo My Natural Brown And Loses The Natural Lusture.[ I'm Also Not One For Stripping The Black Off ]
Everyday Essentials... Another Of My Favourites Is DoveIntense Repair [ The Blue Label ]I Love It As It's A Really Thick TextureAnd Works In Really Well.It Repairs The Hair Damage From Colouring/StraighteningAlso Keeps Hair Feeling Cleanest For Longest Out Of AllThe Shampoos I've Tried.
Everyday Essentials...As For Conditioner, I Don't Use AnyUnless My Hairs Cousin-It Style Long!I Then Dry It With The Philips/Tre SemmeCool Compact Hair Dryer And If Desired, Straighten It With My CHI Hair Straightners[ Same Make As GHD But Much Cheaper, From Sally Stores ]If My Hair's Long Enough And I Want CurlsI Wash My Hair, Dry It Just Til DampAnd Put It Up In A Bun.Go To Sleep And Unravel It In The Morning.Looks Gorgeous!!So That About Wraps Up My Hair!As For Teeth Its Pretty Simple, Really.I Use Aquafresh Fresh & MintyWhich Helps To keep The Teeth Hardened.I Also Like Oral B Pro Fresh[ It Really Does Feel Dentist Clean ]
Everyday Essentials...And Followed By Either Corsodyl [ Which Looks After The Gums Really WellAnd It's What My Dentist RecommendsFor Fortnightly Use At A Time ]Or Listerine Cool Mint.Don't Listen To The LabelIt Is Far From Cool Mint!Everyday Essentials...My Mini Denman HairbrushWhich Cost £4.50 From BootsIs A Little Lifesaver!Everyday Essentials... Just Before Christmas I Also Updated MyFilofax Organiser From Aquamarine DominoTo The Pink Breast Cancer Filofax.Can't Live Without This Little BabySince I Have So Many Appointments All At Once.Everyday Essentials...Enjoy Your Midweek, People :-)Come Back Soon :P !~ ~ ~ x o x o ~ ~ ~

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