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Everloc Medium Shelf Review

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
I can almost 100% confirm Matt’s number one pet dislike… Me leaving my gazzilion review products on the shower floor, as there isn’t enough room on the shelves.  Lately I haven’t been as bad and tend to put those products I don’t use often in the bathroom cupboard, but I just like having variety in my shower ya know haha. Sometimes I might not feel like one smell, or want a different finish or feel to my hair. Everloc Medium Shelf Review
Everloc has enabled me to keep more products in the shower now and not on the floor (woohhh, cheers for that!).   Everloc have so many different storage solutions for your bathroom. My shower already sports a shaving cream holder with shaver holder attached from Everloc for those days I need to shave. Everloc Medium Shelf Review
I used to always leave my razor and cream on the shower floor before kids and nine times out of ten the shaving cream bottles would rust at the bottom leaving rings on my shower floor. So this was the perfect addition to our shower, especially as I can keep the razor from kids reach. Everloc recently sent me an item from their new XPRESSIONS range, which is a little different from the others.  The range has made using polycarbonate and stainless steel and has been designed to compliment your bathroom and add an instant spruce up. They have designed their whole range so that they are perfect for homeowners and renters as they wont damage the pre-existing walls/shower with their suction cup attachment.  Everloc kindly gifted me the Everloc Expression Medium Shelf This shelf is big enough to fit 3 bottles on but small enough to not take up too much room in my shower and make it look unorganised.  Everloc Medium Shelf Review
The actual shelf has little slits in the bottom of the holder to allow water to drip out of and work better to dry the shelf out. I would still suggest though at least once a week to wipe this out, as you will get mold growth happening, and the clear plastic won't remain clear.  Rust-resistant metal means I don’t have to worry about rust or it staining my floor and tiles. This was my number one worry with putting metal shelving in my shower, was rust. My shave holder is still going strong after 7 or so months and with not one sign of rust, so I would say this will be the same.  Everloc Medium Shelf Review
The shelf holds up to 15kg’s and well nothing I will ever put in this shelf will amount to 15kg’s that is unless Madison swings off it as she is 15kg.  So you can be rest assured nothing you put in this shelf will pull the shoulders off the wall. Everloc Medium Shelf Review
I love how easy the shelf was to install, all I did was put the Holders with stickers on the wall, then put the metal shelf on and that was that- the shelf was ready to use.  If you are looking for some bathroom storage I would recommend having a look at Everloc’s website and have a look at their extensive range.  Price start from $14.95 and can be found at

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