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Event: Talika Light Duo +

By Vivianism @vivianism

Event: Talika Light Duo +
Stepped into one Fullerton bay for the first time here. This place is sooo pretty!! A very suitable place for ROM isn’t it?

Event: Talika Light Duo +

I was here for Talika’s new launch – Light Duo +. Talika has been pretty well known for its portable LED light which uses the science of light’s wavelength to heal the skin. Each light wavelength has specific healing properties on the skin, for example whitening, anti-aging and acne treatment. You use the different kind of light depending on ur skin condition.

All these years, we can only buy one type of device with only one type of light. If you have more than one skin concern, then you have to buy different kind of lights.

However, Talika has came up with the newer improved version which now has three types of light in one device. How awesome?!

Event: Talika Light Duo +

Introducing Talika Light Duo +.

Event: Talika Light Duo +

Here he is demonstrating how to use the light. Just place the light on your skin. It is activated automatically when on contact with the skin and works with the selected treatment. It stops automatically when the treatment is completed. There is also vibration which stimulates the massaging effect.

Green Light -For dark spots
Yellow Light – For wrinkles
Red Light – For redness

Light can penetrates the skin to reach the cells found in various layers of the epidermis.

Event: Talika Light Duo +

Here’s a picture of me and fellow bloggers – Jacelyn, Xinyi and Verlyn. PS: I was having an extreme tummy ache while we took the picture, hence the spastic smile. I rushed into the toilet immediately after this. Got to thank these few girls for flagging a cab for me cos my tummy ache was so bad that time! Thank you girlies!

Availability: Sephora.
Price: $500+++ Very expensive. :(

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