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Even Tour De France Cyclists Avoid Carbs to Stay Lean

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1

Even Tour de France Cyclists Avoid Carbs to Stay Lean

Even chefs for Tour de France cyclists know more about weight control than most calorie-obsessed so called experts:

Today’s a rest day, so we do a low-carb lunch for them. They’re not going so far, they just want to keep their legs going, so we don’t want to fill them up too much. And we don’t want to go too hard on the carbs so they don’t gain weight.

Then we have a philosophy of using lots of vegetables, proteins, and cold-pressed fats, and then we use a lot of gluten-free alternatives. So we try to encourage the riders to try other things than just pasta and bread. I do gluten-free breads as well.

It’s all to minimize all the little things that can stop you from performing 100 percent, that promote injuries, stomach problems, all those things.

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