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“Even If the Scale Isn’t Changing, the Body Is”

By Dietdoctor @DietDoctor1
Before and after

Before and after

Women approaching middle age may have a difficult time losing weight – sometimes even on LCHF.

Bitte Björkman shares her story here:

The Email


I realized that perhaps someone might be inspired by my weight journey. It’s not as spectacular as many other’s, but I’m sure there are many others in my situation. Middle-aged women may have a hard time losing weight, and I want to show that being persistent works! Even thought they scale doesn’t budge, the body changes.

Health-wise I’m free from:

  • gastritis
  • migraines
  • constipation in combination with sprints to the bathroom…
  • snoring (had chronic sinus problems)
  • dry skin
  • abdominal bloating

And more that I’ve likely forgotten here :)

My first checkup was after about eight months on LCHF, and I’ve had one every other year after this.

I started at 165 lbs/74 kg in January of -09, 43 years old. I’ve been weight stable since then, and kept within  139 lbs/63 and 143 lbs/ 65 kg.

In the picture to the left I have six months left before I dared to try LCHF (fear of fat!) – sorry about the poor picture quality – and the one to the left is taken a month ago.

I’m not exactly shy, so I’m happy to have my name there if you feel that you want to use my story!


/Bitte Kempe Björkman


Congratulations on your successes!

The story is fairly typical. Most people – even women over 40 – will lose weight on LCHF without hunger. Reductions in digestive problems such as abdominal bloating and gastritis are also very common. Migraines and snoring are also among things that are also improved.

What do you think?

Do you have any other experience? Or any tips for losing weight for women after 40?


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