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By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
I hope to die young, I hope to flee,I hope to evade these miseries set for me,I want to endure, I want to last,But I cringe in fear, fear that I may never pass,For my life is a mere fault undefined:Remorse, Despair and Darkness aligned.My knees have sunk, my legacy declined,I've lost a part of me that used to shine.They say, it passes, for the world is alive,"It Lives, It Thrives" they all chant alike."but shun the fight and wrong the evil"
How can i subside ?
When inside me, it resides.
Feeding on my blood, assisted by the dark,It has forever left on my heart its gruesome mark.On this path I am boarded,
Its a riddle unsolved,
An eternity I've spent,In this labyrinth fort.And I shall continue, for my years to come,For I have lost and He has won.And my sins, they cant be undone,The red and my ledger are all but one.How shall I rest when I crave for peace? Hung in between heaven and grief.And my joyless wishes die inside my heart,
As on this journey repeated, now i embark.
All this, that i have dealt, I've learned that pain demands to be felt.

'For you, always..'

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