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Er, 'Ladies Day' Ooop in Scouseland!

By Davidduff

Courtesy of The Telegraph I am pleased to bring you a pictorial impression of 'Ladies Day' (who sniggered?) at Aintree yesterday.  A very fine stable of young fillies, I'm sure you will agree.  Full of breeding, well, they tend to go in for a lot of, er, breeding 'oooop north' and all imbued with that sense of style and good taste that you would expect.  I think, come Royal Ascot, our splendid young Essex gals are going to have their work cut out to match these, er, robust Scouser birds:

Steady now...

The day starts to wind down

So much blue

Another tattoo...

Sore feet?

Two ladies take a seat to watch the races


Such a wonderful, elegant occasion, I can't imagine why Her Maj failed to attend!


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