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Epic Fail: My Experience As A Vegan

By Sbc12 @strongbychoice
Epic Fail: My Experience As A Vegan

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When I was living in a tropical part of the country (don’t you just love my mysterious nature!), I chose to go into the vegan way after reading the literature of P.E.T.A.  I remember showing the literature to a fellow black security guard named Darryl who I worked with and he scoffed at the idea.  Being an extremely jacked bodybuilder with arms that could probably crush oil barrels, he growled at me, “Bro, I like meat too much.”

I thought, “You are too low-browed to know better, Meat-Head.”  With all the crazy enthusiasm of a crazed Bieber fan,   I jumped on the vegan express.  Little did I know that this express would derail leading me to crash and burn.

With determination and vigor, I shopped at the most healthiest store that I knew that sold organic and stocked up on Tahini, vegetables, and almond butter (with truckloads of wheat bread).  With no references or anything, I was going to show Darryl that this was the right way.

After a few weeks, I felt weaker and groggy most of the time.  I couldn’t focus at all and my body was calling for meat.  So tried as I did, I could not hold my resolve.  I went back to meat.

Later as I gained more knowledge about true nutrition, real food, raw milk, and supplementation, I became enlightened that I could buy food with intergrity and still give to positive change.

Now this is not an indictment to those who want to go full-on with the vegetarian lifestyle.  If this is your calling and you decide to do this, more power to you.  I do ask for you to challenge yourself to read the below resources to truly see if this lifestyle is really helping you or may be dangerously affecting your health with a polished appearance of soundness.

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