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Ensemble || Of Neutrals And Grey

By Ifyejindu
‘But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose’Anne BrontëEnsemble || Of Neutrals And Grey
Hey folks,I would say ‘happy hump day’ but that was yesterday however tell me who isn’t counting down to the weekend already because quite frankly I’m definitely looking forward to Friday and there’s no shame in that.
It promises to be a really busy day so I wrote this up pretty early with hopes of putting it up during my short trip to the office. This is a pretty basic look, didn’t get to take many shots which is why this is going to be quite a short post. We shot this at night, it was quite funny actually - the whole time I was laughing because all I could think about was the fact that night shoots are mostly for pre-wedding shoots and I’m too much of a realist but who knows, maybe there is a wedding in sight *winks*
Ensemble || Of Neutrals And Grey
I’m a lover of neutral colours any day: from black to brown, white and then gray but besides black, I’m quite crazy about the color ‘grey’. Mostly because it’s clean and neat if that makes any sense whatsoever, there’s just a very outstanding quality to being clad in almost ‘head to toe’ gray. Throw in a bold red lipstick and a pair of strappy brown heeled sandals and you are ready for that casual evening out with friends or just plain ready to conquer the world.
Ensemble || Of Neutrals And Grey
I can never over-emphasize the general comfy-ness of sweatshirts and slouchy clothings, personally I don’t enjoy wearing clingy outfits. I don’t look like beyonce and I’m honestly a lazy fitness person but maybe with the right kind of motivation I can change that. So until we decide to work hard at it, I’m quite comfortable being good old me and comfortable clothing is always the way to go for me. This gray pair of jeans is one of my favourites and since I rarely ever wear jeans, I don’t have that many pairs but I plan on investing in some trendy denim pieces for future chill moments.
Ensemble || Of Neutrals And Grey
Photography by MarvinFresh Photography
Outfit DetailsSweatshirt – Old NavyJeans – Forever 21Necklace – Bland2GlamShoesUrbanOGLipstick – Taos Cosmetics Velvetines in 'Eko City'
I’m sorry I have to run along now but there’s just so much to get done today and since I plan on ending today on a high, I better get to it. Hope today brings you so much joy and fulfillment and pretty please : even while going through the craziness of the day, don’t forget to stop and smell the roses.
Until my next post,
Cherry kisses from Lagos,
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