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England Defy All Odds to Blast Windies in Electrying Encounter, Reach Quarters

By Jimmymycrushie
England defy all odds to blast Windies in electrying encounter, reach quartersEngland needed to win today and they did it. The last few overs have almost wiped my memory of the rest of the game. England continues to amaze all of this. This was by far their most entertaining match. A while ago I thought I'd have to write something like..."England's campaign comes to a miserable close." The moment was the "catch" Trott didn't take. It's still not clear whether it was a six or catch but the umpire gave it a six. Trott indicated he caught it. Russell was the man, West Indies needed 40 runs to win before the six. I've seen one such instance earlier and the fielder was believed at that time. But nevertheless, all is well that ends well. When West Indies needed 22 runs, Tredwell sent Russell packing, which brought hopes back. I can't tell how degrading that six was and how ecstatic the victory has made us all, the players and English fans. A lot of bloggers and writers think England don't deserve to go through, including Russel Arnold. Are they kidding me? True, Ireland and Bangladesh beat England but South Africa, India and West Indies couldn't. Now, England moves to the 3rd spot in Group B. The only way they could go out is if West Indies defeat India and Bangladesh defeat South Africa. Cheers!

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