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Empties for January

By Misspenelope90 @MissPenelope90
hey everyone,
and hello to my new followers, ive gained a couple over the past couple of days, so hello and i hope you love my blog as much as i do :D
here are my empties for january, i know its not quite the end yet, but i've used up a couple of things, and i have no space to keep them anymore, and my boyfriend, luke, will think im crazy if i start hoarding empty beauty and hair things aswell as hoarding normal ones. My last empties post was quite awhile ago.
all my empty products ive used up in january
dove maximum protection deodorant: I love this deodorant, it last all day, and stops you from "glowing" too much all day, and prevents you from smelling, haha, im so paranoid about it, i dont think i do, no-one has told me i do =/ *panicking* but i douse myself in deodorant and perfume just incase, and i do get quite hot if im stressed or running around at work, so it comes in very handy.
clinique deep brown instant lift eyebrow pencil: I love this colour, its perfect for my eyebrows, the pencil is easy to use because its quite thick, and it has a highlighter the other end, i don't use it all the time so there is still some left in there.
smashbox hd primer: I got this in one of the foundation starter kits, its really nice actually, i have to keep changing up my foundations and primers every day because they stay on for about 2 days then start to slide off again, so i don't use this every day, but it does make my foundation last the longest so far, still on the hunt for the perfect primer.
hypnose doll eyes mascara by lancome: This is a lovely mascara, ive had it since boxing day last year, so it really did need to go, but the formula is still fine, its not clumpy and hasn't dried out at all, but there only spouse to last 3 months or so, so it does really need to go, but i still have abit left in there, i really like it aswell, the smell is abit weird, but nice weird, and it makes my lashes look really wide eyed, which is lovely.
clinique quickliner for eyes in intense black: This is my all time favorite pencil eyeliner ever!!! it lasts all day and has really really good staying power, you do get a little bit in the inner corner of your eye throughout the day, but my gawd does it stay on, and i love most of the colours they do too, again this was from a gift set they did, its the full size version i believe just without the smudger on the other end.
lancome bi-facil miniature: I like my miniatures, this was from a gift set they did in the summer, i absolutely love this stuff, its a eye make-up remover, and its removes all traces of makeup even waterproof mascara, and its so easy to use, just 2 drops on a cotton wool pad and just swipe it across my eyes, and no more panda eyes, i might just have to buy the big size now, ive finished 2 small ones of these recently.
front cover eyeliner in black: I think ive used this like once, it was at the bottom of my eyeliner stash and it is years old, and its taking up valuable space for another eyeliner, so its going, it doesn't stay at all and is really hard to use, so bye bye :D
so as you can see i have used up a lot of miniatures this month, ive also just finished my surf spray this morning, bt didn't take a picture of it, so ill have to keep it and add it too my next empties, what do you tend to get through the most?

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