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Emma Stevens ‘Riptide’

Posted on the 20 November 2013 by Thatswhatsheheard @sheheardblog


Being almost local to us here in London, Emma grew up in Surrey and is one of those infuriatingly good musicians who can play pretty much any instrument thrown their way. Inspired by her mother Emma first picked up a guitar at the age of 3, from there her musical journey launched as she later took up cello and piano, joined Surrey Youth Orchestra and eventually enrolled at the Academy of Contemporary Music. Since then she has played for an array of artists and bands including fiN, H-Boogie and Ronit; and has been lucky enough to go on world tours with the likes of The Kooks and Feeder. Emma is also big in Korea via a popular boyband, she wrote their hit song ‘Shinee’ for them which sold 100,00 copies in a week. We definitely can’t say that this girl isn’t talented. The talent definitely runs in the family as Emma’s Mother created the artwork for her last 4 EP’s that when combined create a larger piece, they have been brought together as the cover of her debut album ‘Enchanted’ which features this weeks single ‘Riptide’.

‘Riptide’ is punchy and in your face from the outset without being pushy or arrogant. It’s upbeat, bouncy and excitable; matching perfectly with the lyrical content: falling in love and the excited, giddy feeling you get. Overall the track has a very country feel to it whilst still comfortably falling int the pop category – for some reason it brings to mind the Shrek soundtrack, mostly because Counting Crows have the same upbeat country feel to their music.

Combining an array of sounds from hand claps to tambourine, guitar and even banjo: this is a textural and tonal wonder-ground for your ears and Emma’s voice glides beautifully over the top to complete the track. This is a great introduction to her work and we can see why she made it to iTunes Single of the Week. Here at TWSH we are absolutely looking forward to the riptide that emma is about to create on the international music scene.


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