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By Kira5485 @hamza_anas5
ElysiumI tried to decipher the riddle but its complexities outgrew my mind. I closed my eyes to failure and heaved a sigh trying to remain calm and in control.  But truth be told, I didn't need to make an effort, my mind was a peaceful blank. I opened my eyes and tried to get a gist of the scene but again, my concentration was broken. They say taking a life is not easy for anyone and so it shouldn't have been easy for me. Yet the body in the back laid absolutely still, drenched in its own blood. I walked up to a lifeless Ibrahim. One could still construe the shock and disbelief in his half shut eyes. After all, who could have expected this from papu- the demeaning pet name I had earned for displaying mannerism and innocence. Because I played by the book. The concept of righteousness was long lost in the high schools of Karachi. Students would be admired for their hooliganism. The Don how they like to put it. Justice was no longer there to maintain its balance. I picked up his blood stained glasses, and put them where they belonged. It was time to decorate the cadaver for the celebration. I had finally made a dominant step on the bridge that leads one to insanity, to elysium.

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