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Elixia Fine Line Lip Serum

By Melmeko @melmeko

Hi peeps!   :-h  Posting up some more well overdue product reviews for you all.  This one was sent to me by the gorgeous and ever generous Tammerlyfrom Spoilt, so I could test it out and share my experience with you all.  :-)
Elixia Fine Line Lip SerumElixia is an Australian company who produces premium skin care based on science and clinical development, such as their High Performance Anti-Ageing collection that features a Fine Line Lip Serum.  The all natural range is free of nasties and enriched with a potent blend of peptides, antioxidants and actives, including Vitamins A (retinol), C and E.  The products are formulated using an exclusive, innovative technology called TPM (Targeted Penetration Matris) to help deliver the effective cocktail of ingredients deep into the epidermis for better execution, whereby enhancing the absorption and penetration by up to 4 times.  The serum works to reduce the appearance of visible lines and wrinkles around the lip area, whilst increasing plumpness and hydration to the lip surface and ensuring the lip contour keeps in shape, for a more youthful appearance.  :D
The Fine Line Lip Serum comes in a stylish 10ml pump-action metal canister, boasting the easy to identify silver and bold magenta color scheme that is consistent throughout the entire range, giving me the impression that it’s a high quality brand.  The ergonomic, airless packaging is hygienic and designed to block out oxygen and protect the inner contents, so the natural, preservative-free formulation can maintain its purity and last longer.  The biggest downfall of this treatment, however, is related to the dispenser, which pumps out too much serum for a single application, despite constantly trying to control the flow.  ~X(  (Very frustrating, grrr!)  I only need half the pumped amount and there’s no way to return the leftovers to the pack, other than scraping it into the inside of the lid to use later; a step that totally defeats the purpose of better hygiene in the first place.  #-o  But…it’s either that or wasting it, and I am not one for squandering beauty products, especially when they’re quite costly.  :-O
The weightless formula is white in color and has a creamy, fluid-like consistency, similar to a lotion, with a smooth, velvety texture.  It claims to be unscented, yet it does have a very faint fragrance   @};-  that is typical of non-perfumed skin care, nevertheless I don’t consider it offensive and it doesn’t linger.  I only need a teeny weeny amount of serum to massage over my lips and on the surrounding skin of my lip contour.  I admit, at first it felt bizarre putting a moisturiser, similar to that of a body or face cream, straight on my lips,  :-S  as I’ve previously only used balm-type products, but the good thing is that it’s fast absorbing and there is no residue at all.  In fact, it completely disappears leaving my smackers feeling bare and natural, rather than being coated in a greasy film.  #:-S   For me, the indication that this treatment was actually working became noticeable after a week of using it religiously, twice a day.  The condition of my lips improved immensely, and gone were my usual,parched, scaly (often peeling) lips that displayed evident flaws, like cracks and fissures on their surface.  Instead, my pout was soft, supple and silky smooth.  It makes a great makeup base too, because it primes and nourishes my lips, so they emerge polished and my lipstick stays put without feathering and remains flawless for longer.  =D>  Ideally, it provides a revitalising ‘quick-fix’ if my kissers are dehydrated and need an extra moisture boost during the day. 
Elixia Fine Line Lip SerumThis is the first lip conditioner I’ve ever tried and I LOVE   :x  how it locks in moisture and protects my peckers from the elements, to help slow down the aging process, while gradually, over time, reversing existing damage and softening any obvious lines.  Even though my lips don’t ‘feel’ particularly hydrated after application, like they do with most balms, I do know it’s performing, simply by seeing the transformation of my lips.  ;)  Prior to starting this trial, I was practically addicted to lip balms and was forever slathering them on my lips, day and night, to treat the unsightly roughness.  But, no amount of balm has ever gotten my lips looking as good as they are since I started using the Fine Line Lip Serum.  I am impressed with the results I’ve achieved after nearly a month and although the price tag is a bit steep, I would still consider making it a permanent addition to my beauty regime.  Unfortunately, because the pump expels an excess of product, I imagine it’s going to run out a lot sooner than it should, meaning it’s not very cost effective, so I doubt I would repurchase it, unless packaging changes are made to prevent wastage.  Regardless of the cons, I would definitely recommend this serum to anyone who has exhausted other options and needs a truly effective treatment that will rejuvenate and enhance the appearance of their lips.  Pucker up and kiss those peeling, flaking, cracking, dry, chapped lips goodbye and give them the attention they deserve and show off a plumper, healthier, more youthful smile.  :-*Has anyone else tried a lip conditioner before?   :-?Did you find it felt strange to be putting a cream on your lips for the first time?I certainly did, but have definitely gotten use to it and to be honest I am so happy with the results.Just wish it wasn’t so costly as I’m not sure my budget will cater for such an expense atm….:(  Maybe some of you can recommend a cheaper lip conditioner that I could check out?:-/  Feel free to comment below!The images in this post are generic.

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