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E.l.f Small Tapered Brush

By Maybeitsmeganleigh

e.l.f Small Tapered BrushWhilst having a look at my favorite site for purchasing American brand makeup '' I stumbled across the e.l.f 'Small Tapered Brush'. I have never seen this brush on the U.K e.l.f website so decide to pop the brush into my basket to give it a try.
All e.l.f studio line brushes on cost just $3.99 which translates into sterling at £ bargain!e.l.f Small Tapered BrushThe 'small tapered brush' is made of very soft but densely packed synthetic hairs, that tapper to a soft round point. It's hard to find a perfectly sized small brush, especially with a tapered head, so for the price this brush is amazing.
The simplest way for me to describe this brush is to say that it is a hybrid of Real Techniques 'contour brush' with the same sized brush head but with the tapered end of the Real Techniques 'setting brush'. So with the e.l.f brush your getting the best of both.
e.l.f Small Tapered BrushI found three uses for this brush.
 First contouring; the tapered tip fits perfectly into the hollows of the cheek & when titling the brush to the side & applied with more pressure it works well at blending the contour.
Highlighting; Apply your powder highlight on the side of the tapered point & it applies highlight seamlessly on the high point of the cheeks, use the tip of the brush for down the nose & Cupid's bow.Lastly the brush also works fantastically well for setting under eye powder. For those that find the Real Technique 'setting brush' a tad to time consuming with its tiny little head, this e.l.f brush does the job in just a few swipes.
After washing the brush it retains its shape very well & has not shed at all.
This is another fabulous brush by e.l.f's studio line. It's just a shame it's not available here on the UK e.l.f website. If you are interested in trying this brush or any other e.l.f brush I would suggest you check out Even with the shipping (which is well priced) it often works out cheaper than buying for the e.l.f UK site.
Have you tried any of the e.l.f Studio Line brushes?

e.l.f Small Tapered Brush

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