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EHPlabs and My Workouts

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
EHPlabs and My workouts
I know I said I wasn’t going to hit the gym, and my main reason for this is because I felt selfish taking time away from my girls.. But after leaving them once with my Mum after my sister sucked me into going to Derrimut Gym for an hour, I was fine. Then the gym fever ran through my blood and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, and the next time I will be hitting the steal. EHPlabs and My workouts Acetyl L-Carnitine is pure, pharmaceutical grade with no added flavors to effect the potency. This should be added to your OxyShred. It is a stack product, meaning it is meant to tag along with the preworkout/thermogenic you are taking. Simply add 3 micro scoops with your 1 scoop OxyShred :) Try that out before your workout/cardio next time :) EHPlabs and My workouts My feelings before a workout Well to begin with I found it hard to take this properly before a workout, not due to the fact of shaking or anything like that. But for the pure fact I was stuck on the toilet for a good hour or so before working out as my (TMI WARNING!!!) number 2’s cleared the heck out. It did however leave me feeling great, as I wasn’t working on a full stomach and there was no need for mid- workout toilet trips (except for number 1’s.) EHPlabs and My workouts
How I consume on workout days
 I follow the instructions I was given and have two scoops of OxyShred and 3 Microscoops of EHPlabs L-Carnitine in the one shaker. I will then drink this on ice with about 400mL’s of water. Some people may experience the shakes and become jittery, but this just means you decrease the amount you are putting in. EHPlabs and My workoutsDuring a WorkoutFor me I did try a gym session with no protein, no supplements or anything and came out feeling like I had been working out all day- mind you it wasn’t even an hour. Then I returned two days later with EHPlabs OxyShred and L-Carnitine in my belly and I was fueled ready to go and after a 3km intense cycle I went and completed a BodyPump session, and wanted more after it! So I would certainly have to say you get what you pay for, and would rather pay that little extra knowing I am getting a good quality product. EHPlabs and My workoutsAfter a workout EHPlabs and My workoutsMost people I have spoken to about taking certain supplements talk about crashing and just want to sleep once the product wears out. For me I never experienced that with this product, actually that is a lie. The first time I used the product, once I got home and my body warmed down and it hit about 4pm I crashed and fell asleep on the couch. But I think this was more due to the fact that my body wasn’t used to getting kicked in the butt and made to work J After that though I have not experience anything like that. 

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