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Eclair Cake

By Asullivan @asullivan85

Whipped cream? Check. ​

Cream cheese? Check. ​

Chocolate sauce? Check.​

Pudding? Check. ​

Eclair Cake

​Do I really have to say more? No, I? I didn't get a single slice photo of this because well...I ate it. And then I took the cake it to my parent's house and never saw it again. I'm such a lovely guest. I bring cakes with slices taken out of them. I'm sure I'm breaking some health code. 

Eclair Cake

​This was adapted from ​The Girl Who Ate Everything who is a much better food blogger than me and actually has a single slice photo. This cake is fabulous. And by fabulous I mean EASY, delicious, and full of some of my favorite flavors. The cake is a cinch to whip up and is just plain fun with its bubbles and imperfections-just like a single eclair! 

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