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Easy Ways to Concentrate Attention

By Kathrynhutton

Distraction of attention can be the source of numerous problems. However, if you learn to concentrate harder on your present task you have a chance to avoid potential mistakes and save much time as well. When our attention is distracted we can read one and the same piece of information several times and still do not understand it because our mind is wondering in some other place. In this case you should use simple and effective methods to concentrate.

Easy Ways to Concentrate Attention

Add red color in your interior. Red details will not only stimulate your brain activity, but increase your attention as well.

Watch your rations. Such element as slow carbons, proteins and fat acids Omega-3 can increase your attention as well. You will find it easier to concentrate on your task if you eat porridge for breakfast and some fish for dinner. Tuna, salmon and cod is the best choice for this purpose.

Be curious. Curiosity presents excellent training of your attention. Try to observe even the tiniest details hen performing your daily activities. Then try to remember what you have seen as precisely as possible.

Switch your attention. Any enforcement of your attention will meet negative reaction of your psychics. We easily concentrate on the objects which evoke our emotions or present something new to us. If the level of novelty is low, we feel the desire to switch our attention; otherwise we will become distracted from what we are doing. So, if you feel bored, start performing some other activity because there will be no use from doing the previous one for a while.

Play video games. Yes, there is something useful in playing video games. However, in order to increase your attention you should choose games of action genre, where you are bound to react on the events very fast.

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