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Easy to Follow Skin Care Tips for Children

By Sugandha Choudhary @sugandha04

Skin care tips for children

Skin care is very essential for everyone, be it kids or adults. The sooner we inculcate the habit of skin care the better the skin will be in adulthood. We often wonder as parents how to take care of our kids skin? It is crucial to take the right steps and use the correct skincare products for children specially children with sensitive skin. With so many products available from all the different brands it becomes confusing at times to decide what products to choose? I hope this post will guide new moms towards some skin care tips for children which will help you decide the right skin care products for your kids.

Skin care tips for kids

Skin care tips

 Proper use of sunscreen for children 👶 

We all k ow the importance of sunscreen to protect ourselves from the damaging effects of harmful Sun rays. But do you know fromwhat age can infants apply sunscreen . Well do consult your paediatrician before choosing and applying sunscreen to your child, but generally speaking you can apply sunscreen once the child is six months old. Before that avoid taking out toue child in direct sunlight and also keep your child covered in full sleeevs garments.

For toddlers and bigger kids, when going  out in direct sunlight apply SPF 50 & indoors  a minimum of SPF 20. Choose lotions and creams that contain spf which will provide extra protection for harmful UV rays.

best sunscreen for kids

               La Roche Posay 50+ SPF Anthelios Sunscreen lotion

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Protection from mosquitoes 

Kids need protection from mosquitoes with dengue being the talk of the town every monsoon season. There are a lot of mosquitoes repellent available in the market but be very careful on which mosquitoes repellent you choose to apply, and please apply it with a child appropriate dose which is approved of DEET. Do not apply too much thinking it will keep the mosquitoes at bay, so I can apply as much as I want. Please be mindful of the amount you apply.

If you reside in a mosquitoes prone area then clothing can be essential in avoiding mosquitoes . In summer time opt for full sleeves cotton clothes which will be airy but will provide sufficient coverage . Some kids are allergic to mosquito bites, their skin develops rashes or the bitten  area swells, so be mindful of the surroundings and keep the required ointments handy.

Oral Care

Do not discount the importance of oral hygiene for kids. They need to brush their teeth twice a day,  but dont be so sure to discount the importance of fluoride in their tooth paste. The toothpaste meant for  infants and toddlers under the age of two years should be fluoride free because they dont know how to spit the toothpaste, and ingesting fluoride over time can be harmful. But that being said use a tooth paste that has fluoride to maintain the health of teeth and protect it. Use only a pea size amount of tooth paste, unlike the full coating of tooth paste we see in advertisements. Pea size amount of tooth paste is sufficient to clean the teeth. Also cultivate the habit of cleaning tongue, it is paramount in keeping mouth breath fresh.

Bath & Body Products :

Skin care tips for children

Skin care tips for children

It is crucial to choose bath and  body products as per the skin type of your child.  Try to use fragrance free, hypoallergenic and soap less cleansers and lotions for your child. Infant skin is very delicate, so you want to make sure you dont use anything too harsh, weather its homemade uptan or a store bought cleanser. There are manyoptions available in the marker, just be vigilant every time you introduce a new skin care product.

As much fun as a bubble bath is, it can dry out the skin, so dont make it a regular affair to do a bubble bath, limit giving bubble bath to your child. This is a very easy to follow skin care tips for children because in doing so, you not only care for the skin but also the environment by not wasting too much water.  Once in a while is ok. Avoid scrubs for children. They are again very exfoliating and very harsh for gentle skin. Cetaphil, Seba med are some very good options for skin care brands for kids.

For younger kids, make sure to not use the same cleanser as you used when they were infants. As they go out they are more exposed to dust, pollution and all the other grime. So you want to use a cleanser that is strong enough to get rid of all the dirt and germs from the skin and something that deep cleans the skin while being gentle. Remember gentle isnt always the best thing, your cleanser should be gentle but efficient also.

Always use cotton towel to pat dry the skin of your little one. Dont be harsh while patting down the skin, gently dab off the water and while the skin is still damp apply the body lotion to seal off the open pores. Make sure the body lotion has sufficient amount of SPF.

Diet and Water intake :

We all know what a task it is to make kids eat food. I know my daughter gives me nightmare. But as a parent I try to give her as much healthy food as I can, because what you take inside is what will reflect outside as well. Eating lot of vegetables, and fruits will keep the stomach fit and automatically make the skin glow. Also making kids drink ample amount of water from childhood will inculcate the good habit and it will keep the skin hydrated.

These are some simple and easy skin care tips for children to follow and they are very basic , but you must incorporate all these habits to ensure an overall healthy skin for your child from inside out.  Always remember to use products that are clearly marked paraben free. This goes for both kids and adults alike. These easy tips will make a lot of difference in the skin of your child. Be gentle and use products that are not too harsh. Also remember home made remedies might not always be the best idea, like raw milk contains bacteria which may react adversely with the skin and cause rashes, so be mindful before using them on your child.


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