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Easy Tips to Remove Blackheads Permanently

By Ritujain
Recently when I shared my easy way to remove blackheads from nose, in a video on my Youtube channel, I got so many questions which were like How to remove blackheads at home, How to stop blackheads from coming back, How to minimize blackheads on nose, How to remove deep blackheads, Where to buy good blackhead remover,  Painless way to remove blackheads and Best tools to remove blackheads.. I knew that people hate blackheads but did not have idea that these many of us struggle with these stubborn blackheads which are unwelcome guests on our skin and they refuse to go no matter how hard we try.
By the way, here is that video which I just mentioned above, just in case you missed it.
If you also are one of them who wants to know easy ways to extract the blackheads then keep on reading as not just 1 or 2 but I am going to be sharing my Easy Tips to Remove Blackheads permanently. These tips will not only remove the blackheads but will also help to shrink the large pores on your nose and cheeks. It will also clean the pores thereby making them less visible. 

So if you also are tired of finding the answers for these questions which are given below then continue reading this post till the end.

How do I get rid of blackheads permanently ?
How can I get rid of blackheads on my nose ?
Why do blackheads comeback quickly ?
Best Treatment for blackheads on nose ?
How to remove blackheads from nose at home instantly ?
In order to remove blackheads permanently, you must follow some basic tips and stick to the best skincare routine that works for you. If you follow your skincare routine religiously then blackheads will stay away and won't come again. It is not a matter of one or two days. Of course there are ways to remove blackheads instantly but once removed, they will come back too if you don't keep your pores clean and skin moisturized. Our skin produces oil on regular basis. As we age, the oil production reduces itself but it never stops completely. So,even if you have removed all of your blackheads ..they will still come back if you do not keep your skin clean and do not moisturize it on regular basis. This answers your question about blackheads returning back quickly.
Now, I will share some basic steps or tips to remove blackheads permanently in which there are fast methods as well as slow methods. Fast methods are a bit harsh and should be done on fortnightly basis because otherwise they can damage the skin. On the contrary ,slow methods work in a gentle way but they show results only when you include them in your routine. 

Here are some slow methods which are gentle and painless methods of removing the blackheads :

1.Cleanse Your Face Twice Daily : It might sound very basic but believe me that Cleansing the skin to get rid of dirt, dust, excess oil, makeup and pollutants that get accumulated on our face throughout the day is the most important tip to keep blackheads and whiteheads away. Use a gentle or mild cleanser in the morning because you just have to wash away excess oil that your skin produced throughout the night. However at night,  use a cleanser that can remove all traces of makeup, dust, dirt and oil. For morning time cleansing, you can try Himalaya Moisturizing Aloevera Face Wash for dry skin and Biore Balancing Cleanser for Oily and Combination skin. If you love products which are nasties-free then you can also check Swisse Olive Leaf Gel Cleanser which is great for oily, combination, acne prone and blemish prone skin.For night time cleansing, we need to divide the process into steps which I have discussed here in this post in detail.How does cleansing help to remove blackheads ? Blackheads are formed as a result of excess oil production by our sebaceous glands. This oil gets oxidized and looks black and also traps dust and dirt along makeup if not removed before going to bed which forms blackheads. So if we remove all traces of makeup, dirt and dust by thoroughly cleansing our face then blackheads will not form quickly and will stay away. However, over cleansing also should be avoided at the same time because it triggers the skin to produce more oil.

2. Exfoliate : Exfoliation means removing dead skin layer from our skin so that the new and healthy looking skin can get exposed from beneath that layer. To exfoliate or scrub our face, we can use homemade or ready-made scrubs which are available in a huge variety to suit our individual needs and budgets. Exfoliation is one of the most satisfying step out of all the steps of our skincare routine and it's result is visible right after we have finished doing it. However, despite of that we should stop ourselves from over-scrubbing because it causes our skin to produce more oil and and hence blackheads and whiteheads too. 

How many times should you scrub your face ?
Scrubbing should be done only twice or not more than thrice in a week. 

Best scrub for face ?

We should also stay away from woody or nutty scrubs like apricot scrubs because they are harsh on our skin and cause our skin to have tiny cuts here and there. 
To get maximum benefit from scrubbing, we must always use gentle scrubs like St Ives Blackhead Clearing Green Tea scrub which is the best scrub for oily and acne prone skin and stops the blackheads from forming if used on regular basis. It feels really gentle on the skin and still does its job. Scrubbing improves blood circulation and texture of our skin and keeps our pores clean and less visible.
You can also try glycolic acid based gentle scrubs or enzyme based scrubs which are quite popular these days.
These are some homemade natural scrub recipes for you. 

3. Clay Masks: Clay masks are an excellent way to help oily and combination skin , in staying matte by controlling excess oil secretion and hence are helpful in removing the blackheads.  Clay masks are available in a large variety but two of the most popular are Multani mitti which is also called Fuller's earth mask and Bentonite clay which work great to remove impurities from skin, remove excess oil from skin and maintain the pH of the skin. These also exfoliate the skin in a gentle way and improves the uneven skin-tone. People who have combination skin with center part or t-zone of their face oily and c-zone comparatively dry sometimes struggle with choosing the right product which works well for the parts of their face. However, clay masks are really handy in such a situation because you can apply them in a really precise manner on your oily t-zone only and leave your dry c-zone which is usually your cheeks etc. With regular use of these masks, skin stays clear, oil is produced in controlled amount , pores remain unclogged and blackheads are not formed much.

Correct way to apply clay mask to combination skin : To get maximum benefit from your clay mask for combination skin you need one simple trick . Just make a paste by using your favorite clay in powdered form and mix it with rose water or cucumber juice or aloevera gel or lemon juice or even plain water for the oily parts of your face and apply it with a face pack brush. Save some of this paste and mix it with milk cream or curd or honey so that it becomes moisturizing as well and then apply it on the dry parts of your face. 

So therefore you can get benefits for both dry as well as oily areas of your skin from a single mask.

4. Moisturize: Our skin is naturally designed to help itself. This is how it works and we have to understand it in order to keep it in good condition for a long time. Moisturizing the skin with right product is very important as it stops the moisture loss from skin and prevents your skin from producing excess oil on it's own which it does when it's dry. Some people who have oily skin, tend to skip applying moisturizer because they don't know the correct answer to these questions ..

Is moisturizer essential for oily skin ?
Which is the best moisturizer for oily skin ?
How many times should I use moisturizer on Oily skin ?
So, I will answer these questions briefly so that you can know the importance of moisturizing your skin daily. Moisturizer is essential for oily skin too. All skin types require to be moisturized in order to stay healthy. Oily skin needs water based moisturizers because they are light weight and get absorbed quickly without making you look oily. 
I highly recommend Neutrogena oil free moisture which is the best and affordable moisturizer for oily and combination skin. 
You must moisturize your skin twice daily and the right time to do this is after your morning cleansing and evening cleansing just before you hit the bed.
These are some effective tips which 100% work to remove blackheads. You must adhere to these to these to get maximum benefit.
Tomorrow I will share some quick or fast methods to remove blackheads permanently in my new post. So keep checking this space. :)

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