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Easy Takedowns for BJJ (No Gi)

By Geoff Griffiths @mmatraining1980

Takedown System for Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

The Most Common Positions you’ll find yourself in regarding wrestling in BJJ are:

  1. Wrestling Clinch
  2. Wrist Control
  3. Over/Under Position (or a variation)
  4. Single Leg

The easiest way to get a takedown, in my opinion, is often an ankle pick or from a headlock or variation.

If you are new to wrestling, getting to know the snap-down into a headlock is a good starting point:

Takedown From Wrestling Clinch

Wrestling Clinch – Switch – Takedown

Easy Takedowns for BJJ (No Gi)

You have to watch the start of this GIF closely to see what’s going on.

The bald guy starts with a standard wrestling clinch with his right hand (orthodox stance/left foot forwards), but immediately switches it so that his his left arm grips the head as he steps forwards slightly with his back leg.

This gives him distance to attack the leg (unsuccessfully) – then the head

The video is trimmed at that point, but the bald guy sprawls with an anoconda grip

Easy Takedowns for BJJ (No Gi)

Takedown From Wrist Control

Snapdown into Headlock

Easy Takedowns for BJJ (No Gi)

From Opponent’s Wrist Control


Easy Takedowns for BJJ (No Gi)

Takedown from Over/Under Position

  1. Snapdown to Headlock

2. Single Leg

Simple Takedown Defence to Common Wrestling Takedowns

Single Leg Defence

Double Leg Defence

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