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Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

By Kristineduffey @GeminiWriter81

Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

Mac'n Cheese ready to go!

I love macaroni and cheese on the holidays. Not the stuff in the box! I like it the way my great grandmother made it and liked it. In our family there are no bread crumbs, no hard crust, and no baking. I hate to eat mac’n cheese when the cheese is oily and it separates. Yuck!
I love the creamy, warm, welcoming, comfort food I grew up with. I am picky about my holiday macaroni and I’m comfortable with that. It’s okay if you like it another way. Preference is probably very closely related to what you grew up with. Heck, you might not even like mac’n cheese. But if you come to my house (or my parent’s house) on a holiday this dish is served our way.
We serve this dish every Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter. We also make it, along with a ham, for friends and family who are recovering from a serious illness, surgery, or who have suffered a loss. It’s also great for potlucks!
I think this recipe is super easy and I hope you’ll give it a try and enjoy it. Happy Thanksgiving to all of my readers! Happy Thanksgiving to my family and friends! I am very thankful for all of you.
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

One bag of elbow macaroni 1 lb
One box of Velveeta 1 lb
Dash of salt
Olive Oil
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

Fill a stock pot most of the way and place on stove. Shake in some salt and a little olive oil. You really don’t need much.
Bring pot of water to a rolling boil on high heat. Reduce heat to medium high.
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

Pour in the whole bag of elbow macaroni. Cook the macaroni until it’s done. Stir often to prevent sticking.
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

While the macaroni is cooking cube up the whole block of Velveeta and set aside.
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

When the macaroni is fully cooked turn off the burner. Pour off, into the sink, the water until it just below the top of the macaroni in the pot. No, you will not strain off all of the water. You want to have water left in the pot with the macaroni. I like to have the water line about half an inch below the top of the macaroni. The more water you pour off the thicker the sauce will be.
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

Place the pot back on the stove and immediately begin to stir in the cubes of Velveeta. Throw in a hand full or 2 of cubes in the pot, stir, and repeat until all of the Velveeta is in.
Easy Holiday Macaroni and Cheese

Let the pot sit on the stove for about 10 minutes and then stir it again. Soon all of the cubes will be completely melted.
You can serve it now or you can let it sit longer for the sauce to thicken. The longer this sits the thicker the cheese sauce will be.
You can pour the macaroni in a bowl for travel (like I did this morning) and take it to a holiday gathering. This dish refrigerates well and easily heats back up in the microwave without scorching. There is nothing I dislike more than scorched macaroni.
Hope you enjoy this recipe!
Kristine Duffey

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