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Easter Recipe Round Up

By Slowdownandsavor

With today being Good Friday, that means that Easter is just around the bend, and I don’t know about you, but our family is STILL deciding what to make, who’s bringing what, and what we’re going to have for our big Easter gathering. I know there’s going to be some brisket, and a beautiful green salad from my mom’s garden, but aside from that, I’m still a bit confused.

If you need any last minute recipes for an awesome Easter feast, look no further, as I have taken the liberty of asking some of the best bloggers around for their favorite Easter recipes. I’ve rounded up 8 interesting, and delicious recipes for you to test out in your kitchens this weekend.

1. First up, a recipe for Loquat Kolaches, a delicious treat that can be made the night before, and enjoyed during the big Easter egg hunt, or after a church service.

kolache recipe

Lisa from Full and Content assures us that we can use any fruit if the tangy and slightly sweet loquats aren’t in our reach or vernacular.

2. Who doesn’t love deviled eggs? I don’t know anyone. And if I meet them, I don’t know what I’d do. I feel like it’s just wrong to not love deviled eggs. They’re a time-tested tradition, and people have taken them to new heights, filling them with bacon spiked yolks, hummus, guacamole, and even beets. But there’s just something so delicious and so joyful about a dang good traditional deviled egg. So thank you to Jenni and Shannon from The Dig In for their Classic Deviled Eggs recipe, that will no doubt be a perfect starter for your Easter party!

deviled eggs recipe

This recipe also gives me the perfect excuse to pull out the pretty egg platter my Grandmother handed down to me, which is so fun! It’s like two in one—I get to eat some tasty deviled eggs and be reminded of my Grandmother’s thoughtfulness.

3. The ever creative and self-professed girly-girl, Mary from Mary Makes dinner, creates a truly whimsical take on one of the Easter Bunny’s favorite foods: Carrots.

easter treats

There are also carrots.  Loads of gorgeous, twisty, farm fresh carrots, in a varragated palette of reds, oranges, and yellows.  Carrots have been delivered in my CSA for months now, and though I try my best to root out more and more carrot recipes (get it? heh heh) I seem to be perpetually living under the weight of a carrot surplus.  Not the worst fate, by far, but it was another reason to welcome the advent of Easter this year. 

While chatting with my sister about this year’s an idea occurred to me.  “Whoah!”, I said. “I should make carrot ice cream!”

“Duh”, says my sister.  “Of course you should make that.”

So I did.

So she did. Check out the recipe for her Carrot Ice Cream, and other Easter treats.

4. Mary Helen is at it again over at Mary Makes Dinner, playing with delicious farm fresh carrots. If carrot ice cream isn’t your style, but soup is your thing, why not start your feast off with a warm beginning with this simple batch of creamy carrot soup. Thanks to celery and simmered veggies, this soup tastes light and fresh, perfect for the spring. 

carrot soup recipe

By the way, this recipe is grain-free, gluten-free, and vegan, but still very savory. Hubby remarked on how he couldn’t get over how “meaty” carrots can taste. I agree. Serve this to a crowd, and you should please just about everybody.

5. Cathy from Forks Up is serving up some delicious Stir Fry Lamb with Pomegranate & Yogurt for her Easter meal. She took the traditional Easter Lamb and put a delicious modern spin on the whole thing.

easter lamb recipe

The cooking process is fairly straight forward and takes a little over 30 minutes. No slaving away all day in the kitchen this Easter. There were no pomegranate arils available at the market the day I made this, so I substituted dried currents. I got so wrapped up in the fragrant aromas that wafted through the air while cooking this dish, I completely forgot to serve the prepared yogurt with it. Not a big problem since the flavorful lamb with the onions, nuts and herbs was still delicious, but I won’t forget to serve it this Sunday.

6. A delicious accompaniment to the Stir Fried Lamb is another dish from Cathy over at Forks Up, Asparagus with Pancetta & Leeks.

asparagus with pancetta and leeks

The asparagus is crisp, the leeks are tender with a subtle onion flavor and the pancetta brings the all important bacony goodness. The brightness and crispness would cut through the hearty and rich lamb. What a beautiful meal!

7. Another delicious and super creative side dish comes from Elizabeth at Local Savour. Her Easter Salad with fried eggs beets and carrots literally made my mouth water. I mean, look at it!

easter salad

There’s something magical about a fried egg oozing over a really fresh spinach salad that makes me think –– THIS is the best way to eat a fried egg.

Runny and hot out of the pan eggs slightly wilt the spinach and take things to a whole new level of flavor. Finish this salad off with some perfectly sweet, crispy carrots, gorgeous candied-stripped beets (AKA Chioggia beets) and some whimsical fennel and it’s an Easter Salad with Fried Eggs for your favorite bunnies to enjoy.

8. I’ve saved the most interesting for last. Ian and Mariana McEnroe from Yes, More Please are serving up Carrot Corn Dogs. Yes. Carrot Corn Dogs.

carrot corn dogs

So many carrots too little time… It’s carrot bonanza season, rabbits everywhere, and have you started to turn orange yet?… Well I hope not, because this recipe is gonna drive you insane. As you know, despite all the wholesomeness I believe in, I have a weakness for a certain processed food… hot dogs…This carrot corn dog recipe is great for kiddos and vegetarian adults in need of a little indulgence.

So there you have it, folks. The Easter Recipe Round up! From breakfast to dinner to delectable sides, I hope that you find something new and fun to whip up for this Easter’s celebration feast.

And once again, a BIG thank you to all of the participating bloggers!

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