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Easter Reads Thanks to Scholastic

By Lilmumma08 @mummy2to0h
Bedtime stories have become better then ever now with Hayley learning to read at school. She really wants to be apart of it and will look at the words with me and follow along. This also encourages her little sister Madison to do the same- smarty pants!
Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticSo I want to introduce you to some reads leading up to Easter from our house thanks to Scholastic.
The first one here is a real Easter based book with super cute pictures-
Were Going on an Egg Hunt $19.99Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticMy favorite book of this year by far for the kids, the girls will also agree.  An Easter take on the song- were going on a bear hunt J They are off to catch a big one, but instead of a bear they are looking for a GIANT egg.
Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticThe pages are full of color and also have amazing pictures with many things to look at.
The reason why I love this book soo much is the fact that Jay Laga’aia has a sing-a-long CD inside, and his voice is like one of an angel.
Scholastic Easter Egg ExpressThis is a real Easter book and I just wish Scholastic had brought out more Easter books this year, as it is holidays and us mothers are always looking for things to keep us sane over the holidays.A cute book about two bilbies who are in charge of delivering all the Easter Eggs to all the girls and boys. Very much an Aussie version of an International Easter Bunny- I love the thought of bilbies bringing eggs rather then a bunny.
10 hopping bunnies $9.99Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticYou would know that old  song, either you parents or grandparents would have sang- Ten Green Bottles. The one that goes on about the ten green bottles sitting up on a wall and shooting them down you start to count down.This book is just like this but replaces the bottles with bunnies and there is NO shooting them down.
Easter Reads thanks to Scholastic
Instead these little fluffballs have an egg and spoon race, play hopscotch and even visit a library. It is a cute book for Easter as it has bunnies in it, even if they are not the Easter Bunny.
Snugglepot and Cuddlepie underwater adventure $19.99Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticYou would have seen this series on my previous Scholastic Reads, but if you haven’t seen these posts then click the link and have a read
And if you have already read my previous post then you would know that Snugglepot and Cuddlepie are a childhood favorite of mine and remind my of my grandma who is no longer with us.Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticThis book follows Snugglepot and Cuddlepie on an adventure under the deep blue ocean. Here they meet fish and become friends, they also meet a beautiful underwater princess.A perfect book that let my girls imagination run wild, and they now believe there is a whole different world under the ocean now, so have to be careful when swimming next.We’re going on an Egg hunt
How I love you $16.99Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticThis is a beautiful book that somes my girls up in one word- loving. The book goes through how all-different Australian Animals show love and affection for one another and how differently they show it.Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticFrom tickling ears with whiskers, to nestling safe under a mother’s wing,there is no better feeling then feeling safe and loved in your Mummies arms.
The Bush Book Club $24.99Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticFinally a book that may be able to assist in your little ones concentration. I don’t know about any other Mum’s out there, but my children when younger would not sit still through a whole book and would often wonder away with the fairies or find something better to do.Easter Reads thanks to ScholasticThis book is about animals heading to the book club, all except one. Bilby is like a lot of kids out there today who have a VERY short concentration span. You see Bilby cannot go to the book club as he will not sit still and gets to caught up playing.My daughter was in giggles as we flicked the pages and Bilby got silly, then when I told her she used to be like that she stopped!These are just of the reads we have been flicking through in the lead up to Easter. But over the holidays there will be many more books read. What are some of you favorite books to read your kids at Easter?

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