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Early Spring Crappie Fishing Tips

By Johnabrams82
Pre-spawn crappie fishing during the early spring can be almost as productive as fishing during the spawn.  This last week we have had a string of cold days that dropped the water temperature by at least a few degrees.  Hopefully in the next few weeks we will see a warming trend that will put the crappie into their pre-spawn patterns. 
Right now the water temp is going to be cold and the crappie will be deep.  In the next few weeks the waters should start warming and crappie will start to move shallow searching for nesting sites.  Look for areas that warm up faster than others.  Anywhere that warmer water runs into the main lake, shallow flats,  coves and shorelines on the north end of the lake.  All of these locations will warm up slightly faster and offer the best early season crappie bite.  Also look for areas that have access to deeper water.   I like to use smaller maribou or tube jigs suspended below a float. I cast them out and retrieve them so slow that the float barely makes a wake behind it. 
Beginning around mid to late March look for the spawn to be getting into full swing.  Fish around any shoreline cover you can find.  the biggest females tend to occupy the best locations.  Places where trees overhang the water or brushy areas along shore are excellent choices.  I have also found that gravel bottoms seem to hold some of the bigger crappie.   During the spawn I like to use a 13' crappie rod and lower the jig into some brushy areas.  I drop the jig all the way to the bottom then lift it up about an inch at a time until I get a bite. 
Do you have any tips or stories to share?  Comment below and let us know. 

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