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DSLR Filmmaking

Posted on the 19 April 2012 by Nandu1985 @vivek_arumanda
Dslr Film Camera
Hi friends, this is just an introduction to DSLR filmmaking.Welcome to the world of digital photography. This is a guest post by Chaitanya Verma our regular blog follower. 


Do u know what is a DSLR? It is Digital Single Reflex Lens Camera, first these cameras are meant for high definition photography later these cameras were upgraded with some features like FULL HD video recording. Now a days many independent film makers are using these cameras for making films, because these cameras are cheaper when compared to traditional cameras, used for making feature films gives better quality output, easy to carry and we can shoot some absurd angles without much trouble.There are many vendors in the market that manufacture DSLR cameras. Among them CANON is the leading company. CANON auto-focus capable cameras are sold under the name EOS(ELECTRO-OPTICAL SYSTEM).So all the DSLRs from CANON starts with the name EOS.


There are different models in CANON .These DSLRs are divided into some categories, they are ENTRY LEVEL DSLRs,MID LEVEL DSLRs and PROFESSIONAL DSLRs.Models like EOS 1000D, EOS1100D,EOS550D,EOS600D fall under the category of ENTRY LEVEL DSLRs. These models are much useful for beginners for practicing .EOS 60D and EOS 7D are MID RANGE DSLRs and are used by many independent film makers.EOS 5D MARK II is a PROFESSIONAL DSLR and is used in making feature films also.For a complete reference of different models their features visit


DSLRs made a huge revolution in motion picture. The next generation of digital filmmaking technology arrived in DSLRs before anything else and quite by accident. Their large CMOS sensors have been speeding up and advancing over the past 5 years and this - combined with the excitement over all things HD from TVs to compact cameras, has seen HD video modes sneak their way into DSLRs. Great film maker George Lucas entered into this revolution and made a film REDTAILS by using CANON DSLRs.


Indian film maker Ram Gopal Varma also made a film with a budget of 1.5 lakhs and made a feature film in a period of 5 days, and got revolution among many independent film makers in India also.
I will discuss about the DSLR film making concepts and about canon 5d mark ii which is used vastly in film making.
Stay tuned
DSLR Filmmaking Chaitanya Varma About the Guest Author:
Chaitanya Varma is an aspiring film maker from India. He is a film fanatic and love to explore more about technical stuff in film making.Feel free to contact him.

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