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Dropping a Line with Pizza and I’m Fine

By Blessmybag @blessmybag

Hello, all of you, I know it's been like two weeks. In a very gradual, slightly reluctant way I decided to take a break from blogging not because something happened or anything like that but because real life concerns were at hand. I just had to take a break from all of it and get me pretty bum back on some work. On this end, all the online media was just overtaking my brain, pressure to keep up with all this "influencing" and even some "insincerely influential" stuff was rising in a not so healthy way inside me. It was affecting how I planned to produce posts, and take photos...some of you who blog know this feeling. Today everyone wants something from talking about something or showing off something. That's real life and you need to ride the wave to stay in this. It wasn't like that for me when I began this blog before so I just managed to paddle back up to the surface for a quick breath. Blogging burnout is a bummer, but I just needed to take a lengthy refresh...and perhaps have some pizza from Caruso on hand-painted Italian crockery.


There was also a highly unpleasant situation where due to unfortunate circumstances we didn't have power in our rented apartment for two weeks. Lately, I have been living though without wondering what products I just needed to slap on my face because of some important things that needed my attention...and while it was completely important to get back to loving all that good stuff it was beginning to feel redundant. I just hit the reset button for all of it to feel new again. So here, peace and pizza to you and yes, you still got me! The blog's here to stay.

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