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Drew Carey Weight Loss Program

By David Jonn @zplasticsurgery

It’s really quite fascinating, how most of the Hollywood stars lose weight when it comes to acting role in a movie, or even gaining weight depending on their character in the movie. Drew Carey has proven that he is no expectation; when it comes to losing weight as other Hollywood superstar.

Drew Carey an all-time TV comedian, as always been known in the acting industry as teddy-bear, who is loveable character; this was way back from his show Drew Carey, but now he is featured in the show known as “The Price is Right”.

Drew Carey weight loss
Drew Carey weight loss

At the age of 52, Carey was diagnosed with diabetes type-2 which only meant one thing that he is always going to be on medication. He embarked on a strict weight loss technique, where Drew Careyas a wble to loss eighty pounds where he was able to reduce the waist size from forty four to thirty three inch; but Carey still claims he hasn’t yet reach his goal for one hundred and seventy pounds loss.

Drew Carey weight loss
Drew Carey weight loss

After the weight loss, Drew Carey claims that his diabetes sickness healed, and that he has not taken any medication for diabetes ever since that time. Drew claims starting the weight loss program was not easy task, since he kept on backsliding each it, but still he was able to brush himself up and continue with his weight loss program. Drew Carey shared his story with his fans; he stated the sort of challenges he had to go through in order to lose the eighty pound weight. The good thing about Drew Carey story, it inspires and motivates many people, who have the same problem with weight.

Technique and method for Drew Carey weight loss program

1. Food diet

Drew Carey stated that he chose the food diet of no carbs, and also no crackers at all. He started small, where he stop eating pizza, beans, corns, bread, and any kind of starch. He started eating egg white in the morning as breakfast, mixed with Greek yoghurt and a couple of fruits. He changed his dinner meal to a chicken that has been grilled and steamed vegetables; and he also drinks water the all day.

2. Exercises

Drew Carey did not just lose his weight from just the diet; but also he went to the gym, where he did the normal exercises for losing weight; which include bench presses, running on the treadmill, and also cardio exercises for forty five minutes none stop each day.

3. Nutrition

Carey started checking his nutrition food, where he daily assured that he must take in multivitamin foods which are an essential element in the body. The food diet should always consider the food nutrition not just the diet; since the body requires most nutrients like protein, fruits, whole grains, and vegetables.

The story of Drew Carey has been quite a motivation and inspiration, to most of the American People who are looking forward to shed off some fat and also keep fit. Carey struggle and suffering truly paid at the end, where he lost a lot of pounds and still hoping to loss more; it’s also the weight loss program that has healed Carey from type II diabetes.

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