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Dressing Down Evening Skirts for the Day

By Marlen @mar_bear_
choies-emerald-green-skirt-4choies-emerald-green-skirt-5choies-emerald-green-skirt-1 One of my favorite ways to style a look is to take something fancy and deconstruct it into something casual. I just really like the contrast between an evening gown and a cable-knit sweater, or a sequined skirt with a casual chambray top. It's playful and interesting all at once. Which is why my eyes lit up when I saw this full satin midi skirt from Choies. Holy hell did my heart race- there was so much styling potential! Ideas of striped turtleneck crop tops, or rust colored blazers, or thick fishermen sweaters half tucked into the waist instantly came to mind. But today I decided to go with a fall staple instead: the striped cardigan. I like how the navy and mustard colors accent the dark emerald green, and how the casual sweater has a radically different vibe from the full evening skirt. They war with each other, but they work!
And if you want to try out the evening-wear-during-the-day look, be sure to read my 10 Ways to Dress Down Your Fancy Pieces post and my How to Style Formal Wear Casually post. 
SKIRT: c/o Choies
SWEATER: Urban Outfitters (vintage version: here)
SHOES: Urban Outfitters
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